Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thank you Fawn!

There are some awesome Whitehorsians out there. Fawn would be one of them!

Thanks for checking out that coat for me today. You are so busy, yet you found the time to do that for me. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

You can request a favour anytime!!

ps. What do you call a person who lives in Whitehorse? Whitehorsians can't be right, can it?


Way Way Up said...



fawn said...

I'm sure Michael will come up with something. LOL But since it's Calgarians, Ottawans, and Haligonians, I don't see why Whitehorsians wouldn't be correct.

No problem checking out the coat -- it was a good kick in the butt for me to get my boxes of stuff over there. The only hard part was deciding whether or not to go ahead and buy it!

Meandering Michael said...

I thought people from Ottawa were "capitalists"...

indigo said...

I thought folks in Ottawa are "the suits"