Friday, March 28, 2008

Life Without TV

We attempted to get our satellite hooked up when we moved here. Our neighbour tried very hard to get it all aligned just right, but alas, no signal. After a while I didn't notice there was no tv... but man I sure did notice how much more time I had! So when Matt came home we just decided to leave the satellite alone for now. Perhaps we will hook it up this fall when it is cold and dark. We have been watching the news online and I found a place to download my addiction- LOST. I am hooked on that show and cannot miss a week. We have watched a few movies, but that has been it. I also downloaded some of Stuart MacLeans Vinyl Cafe and am in love with it. I think I need to buy the cd's. Hunter is asleep by 7pm and Matt and have now have a few hours to really enjoy. I have been making kids beaver boots in the evenings, I am now thinking about selling a few pairs. I just ordered my new sewing machine and have an idea for some other kids boots that I am going to make when we pick it up.

I promise another post soon with more pictures of town and the boy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nine Months

Today Hunter is nine months old!

He can:
- clap his hands when we sing "when you're happy and you know it" and "patty cake"
- wave to everyone
- say "dadaada" and he whispers something like "aat" when he sees the cats
- can push himself up onto all fours from his tummy
- push himself backwards all along the floor
- push himself around the house on his ride-on toy
- feed himself various foods

He eats:
- everything! Tonight he had my moms homemade venison sausage and he loved it! His favorite meals are moose stew and homegrown-chicken soup. I make all of his food, well pretty much he just eats whatever we are, but his goes through the little blender first.

He loves:
- going around the house on his ride-on toy
- pulling the cats tail
- trying whatever mommy is eating
- sitting on the washing machine in spin cycle
- standing on the windowsill looking outside
- going for walks in his stroller
- going for walks tucked in the amouti

New found fun:
- being tossed onto the down comforter by dad
- riding on moms back in a sling
- stealing the spoon while we try to feed him

This little man of ours is splendid! And he just gets cuter everyday:

Our little mechanic:

Going for a walk with mom in the turtle toque:

Unleashing his toothy fury on the polar bear:

Hanging out in the sling:

Mom! You forgot to tell me to smile!

Spring is in the Air

And on the willows! Look what we found yesterday:

Monday, March 24, 2008

Around Faro

We went for a nice long walk today to enjoy the +2 weather and to take pictures of town. Here is a tour!

We have recycling facilities:

Our fire/ambulance/rescue department

Old ATCO camp:

Our favorite people: The RCMP

I think this was the gas station...

Me enjoying the great weather

This was the grocery store that closed I think last summer

This is the hardware store that now also sells a bit of groceries

We have a golf course that runs all through town

Town office

There are a lot of rundown buildings around town. They seem like such a fire hazard, we don't know why they just aren't demolished

And the streets are paved with... PAVEMENT!

Visitor Info Centre


The liquor store/territorial agent

Recreation Centre

K-12 school. About 50 kids here

Library and Yukon College

The little man enjoying the stroller

Happy little guy in his new sunglasses

Post Office and Conservation Officer next door. The rest of the place is empty

So many of the town houses here are empty. Want to come and buy them?


Here is the little man trying grapefruit:

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hunter Learns to Drive

For Easter, Matt's folks sent us a couple of parcels. Hidden amongst the tonne of chocolate and candy was a ride-on toy for Hunter. The little guy had it figured out in minutes and now pushes himself all around the house. It is funny though- the stickers on it are pictures of girls. So we joke that he is driving around his bus full of women. He has taken a couple of good spills off of it, but so far just one little bruise to the head.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

For Courtney

Hi Courtney!!
Sorry you are home sick and bored! But I will try to entertain you a bit.

We are all down here in Edmonton right now. Some friends of ours that we knew back in Hay River just got married this weekend. Matt met me here from work and the boy and I flew down on our own. I was worried a bit to travel on my own with Hunter, but he was so good. The kid really loves strangers. And the stranger, the better. He has his wave down now, so he waves to all of the strange people and they love it. He gets that from me for sure. I am the super social, friendly one out of me and Matt (I am also the super high strung one, so hopefully Hunter doesn't get that as well).

We have had a busy weekend so far. The wedding was beautiful; Leanne and Brian both looked spectacular. Hunter was quiet the whole time, checked out all of the boobies in the place and only tried to lift up one womans dress. I did a bit of shopping, we hooked up with my friend Wayne for lunch, and had our friends Lynne and Darryl babysit while we went on a date to the movies! Poor Matt came down with a bit of the flu or something yesterday and hasn't been the happiest camper. I got my hair cut and look wonderful.

Tomorrow Matt is going to get his H2S course done and the boy and I are just going to hang out. We are flying back to Whitehorse tomorrow night and then we will drive home to Faro on Tuesday after doing some shopping.

So life isn't that exciting, but it is sure nice to see Matt again! He has 10 days off and then goes back in for another three weeks. When I get home I will make sure to put up some new pictures of the munchkin.

Feel better Courtney!

Monday, March 10, 2008

About Faro

I have had a very people ask more about Faro and what it has to offer!

- Yes, Shelley, we do have high(er) speed internet. It is still Northwestel, but it is much better that Qiniq was.
- I have a phone that does not have the dreadful 3 second delay.
- RCMP station (2 members)
- a library (Hunter is signed up for the Dolly Parton book club! heehhe seriously!)
- k-12 school (50'ish kids)
- liquor store
- hardware/grocery store (small selection, but prices are pretty good)
- hotel
- restaurant
- oodles of B&B's
- conservation officer
- some kind of government building... I know the liquor store is in there and I think that is where I will go to get my new drivers license...
- post office
- beautiful tourist building
- a road out
- trees
- so far haven't seen a single drunk person walking the street
- lots of friendly people
- oh! A huge rec centre and a big arena
- a golf course that goes all through town

hmmm I know there is more.... The one thing we are missing is a gas station. It burned down in the fall, but there is talk about a new one this summer.

AND the big bonus: there is more super cheap housing here!! Come and be my neighbour! For $50-$60k you can get a big house and with a few renos it would be great!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Getting Ready for Easter

We did some Easter pictures today and they are so damn cute I just have to post them here before Easter arrives!

The Boy

Hunter is now eight and a half months old! He can clap his hands, make his exersaucer move around the floor, and wiggle himself in a circle. But his favorite thing to do.... grab his little pecker whenever his diaper is off. He just loves that thing! Definitely a boy!

New Pictures!

His new sled! Thanks Granny!

With his daddy:

I am a bad parent and I am okay with that:

Hi Dad!

Sinks make great baby holders!

And so do rubbermaids!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dear Joey....

Dear Joey,

Pwease tank your mommy for sending me all of these clotheses and poo catchers. But I tink I don't wike your mommy. Dat turtle hat is awful. My mommy tinks it wook cute on me. But I hates it. She even maded me weared it outside yesterday for our walk. Mommy's are mean. Joey, maybe me and you could run away to da circus togever. Pwease come and wescue me.

Your buddy,


Bloggers are nice!

Bloggers are super nice. I have "met" some great people through blogs who have done some really nice things for us!

Go and check out Molly. She kindly mailed me some pepper seeds! Thank you Molly! They have arrived in the mail and I am dying to build a greenhouse and get them started!

And if you haven't been to read about Tina yet- go and check her out. She is a riot! She recognized my husband from the blog in the Yellowknife airport and she ran right up to him and said hi! She just mailed us a huge parcel of baby clothes and cloth diapers. Oh, and also a super duper cute toque... more on that later.

And Jen is sending me a little something to attach to my amouti.

And this doesn't even cover all of the great comments people leave here for us! Thanks bloggers!

Our House

We found a great house in Faro to buy. It is huge- 2300sq.ft with six bedrooms and two large bathrooms. All of the rooms are decent size, but the bathrooms are really amazing! The one upstairs has a two person corner soaker tub, and the one downstairs could fit two people as well! We have a fireplace in the living room and windows that look out to mountain views. The kitchen needs a good overhaul, we want to knock down a wall in the basement to make a large rec room, and we have to shingle to roof. Matt also wants to do a lot of landscaping in the backyard.

So here are some pictures of the place!

The upstairs hallway:

The back of our house and yard:

Front of our house and our new truck and trailer!

Our living room is getting set up slowly! I can't wait to paint!

Mountain View:

Looking out my dining room window:

Our dining room:

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We Have Arrived!

Faro, Yukon! Our new home!

So who are we? For past readers you know all about us from reading our blog at For anyone else- here is a bit about us!

My husband and I moved to Hay River, Northwest Territories right after we were married in 2003. We lived there for two years. I harassed my husband to let us move further north for some adventure so we moved up to Kugluktuk, Nunavut and we were there from June 2005 to January of this year. We have just relocated to Faro in the Yukon. Third territory is a charm!

My husband is a registered nurse who now nurses at oil rigs and other industrial sites. Right now he is back out in the NWT working. I edit study guides from home and raise our little boy who is eight and a half months old. We have two cats, Tweak and Freak, who currently hate us thanks to two flights and 2500km in a truck.

We have purchased a great home here in Faro. It is a very quiet community that so far seems quite peaceful- a nice change from Nunavut! The town is a bit of ghost town with numerous homes and businesses boarded up since the mine closed down a few years ago. We moved here because of super cheap house prices (seriously if you want a cheap home, move here!) and I felt I would be safe here when my husband is away at work. It also offers the kind of lifestyle we enjoy. My husband and I are big into hunting and fishing. Quadding too as soon as we buy new ones! Had to sell those and the skidoos back in Kugluktuk.

So that is us in a nutshell!