Monday, November 30, 2009

Timbit Tales

Matt was in Whitehorse overnight and returned home Saturday with the required box of timbits. Hunter loves timbits and looks forward to visits to Timmies whenever we get out of Faro.

Sunday morning (while I was sleeping in, thank you awesome husband!) Matt looks into the kitchen and finds Hunter standing on the seat of his tricycle grabbing the box of timbits off the counter! I believe they both then proceeded to have timbits for breakfast.

Late that afternoon Hunter was hankering for a snack and asked Matt for a timbit. The box was on the counter with three left in it. Matt was trying to have Hunter eat something a bit more healthy, so he told Hunter that the box was empty... all gone. Hunter stood in the kitchen quietly thinking this through and then responded with, "I see Dad?"

I laughed so hard! Hunter had totally called Matt's bluff. Matt caved and the boy got a timbit for snack.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Boys

Here are some great pictures from today:

Posing for the Christmas card photo:
Asleep after a walk around the block with dad:
They are so sweet when they are sleeping! I love that his pup had to come along for the ride.

Hunter was so tired he slept right through being brought into the house! So he continued his nap in his snowsuit.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Me Update: Getting Active

Since returning from our east coast vacation just over a month ago, I have been in a bit of detox. I hate to admit this, but it is good to get it out there- since I had Cavan I have gained 30lbs. That killed me inside, especially since I did not gain any weight while pregnant.

I have been watching what I eat for the last month, trying to avoid my overeating trigger foods and getting more active. An aerobics/weight training circuit has started in town and I have been to all three sessions. It is on a break for the next couple of weeks while the instructor is off on holidays. We also purchased a recumbent bike that I tried for the first time tonight. I did 6.6km in half an hour in the weight loss setting.

It feels good to add this activity to my life. Especially since the aerobics time is kid-free! So far I am down 7lbs and would like to be down another 8lbs by Christmas.

The spiffy new bike:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Giddy Up!

Dad now doubles as a horse to carry little boys around the house!

And those full rubbermaids behind him? Well my lazy susan broke and now I am waiting for Matt to build me some shelves in that cupboard. Hunter has turned the empty cupboard into his new house!

Monday, November 23, 2009

29 Months and 7 Months

The boys are growing!!

Here is Hunter, now 29 months old, on his Rocking Moose:

Of course Cavan, now 7 months old, had to give it a ride:
Two happy boys and a bear:
My blue-eyed baby:
And this is a look back at Hunter, 7 months old, just as we were leaving Kugluktuk:

Faro: Home to the Best Neighbours!

Last week was probably the worst week I have been through since I had kids. It is no wonder sleep deprivation is a favorite form of torture! I would have been ready to admit to anything as long as I was promised a night of sleep in return.

The kindness and generosity of my neighbours last week made me appreciate our home in Faro even more than I already do. One neighbour took Hunter off my hands for nearly two hours. That same neighbour cooked up supper. Another neighbour took Hunter out for a walk. Then on Friday night, Matt was called to Ross River to work for the weekend. I was pooped and didn't want to cook supper. And I was too lazy to brave the -25C outside to bundle up the kids, start the truck and go and grab a pizza at the restaurant. In steps another neighbour who offers to run down and pick it up for me. Seriously- how nice is that! There was also a lot of verbal support from most everyone I ran into.

What may have seemed like little things to those neighbours, meant the world to me last week. I am thankful for this community and the support I receive. Faro is the best place to call home!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Overheard Today...

As Matt was carrying Hunter up the stairs, I could hear Hunter yelling, "No side up down Dad!" I looked over and there was Matt carrying Hunter upside down. Pretty cute.

Sleeping Update

Wow. Thank you everyone for your responses! There were a number of comments on here, my email and facebook that were filled with great suggestions. Another friend dropped off her favorite book that deals with all these issues for me to read.

I have a huge thank you to give to my neighbour (and new blogger) Heather. Not only does she have two kids at home during the day (two others are in school), she also babysits three others. She offered to come and take Hunter to playgroup for me so I could have a toddler break. Too bad Cavan didn't want to nap during that time! But I did get my living room and kitchen cleaned up. And then to top that off, she made us supper! Thank you so much Heather for helping me yesterday. I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and abounding energy!

We had so many suggestions from other parents about sleeping. And it was great to hear that most everyone has gone through the same issues at one time or another. Last night we put a few of those suggestions to work.

I made Hunter his favorite meal of pancakes (I added applesauce to them to get some more fruit in him) so he would be good and full of food before he went to sleep. We also set up a baby gate at his door. Not too sure if this was good or not. He woke up at 1am and stood at the gate and screamed his little head off. I am sure all of my neighbours hear him! It took Matt over an hour to get him settled. Part of it was a really wet diaper, and then once Matt gave him a bit of milk he settled down. He woke again at 4:30 and started the whole screaming routine again at the gate and we just threw him in bed with us. He slept in there until 5:30! So that is an improvement. He was also not allowed to watch any of his movies until Matt left for work at 8am.

For Cavan I loaded my ipod with white noise (thank you Soph for the link!) and moved the stereo into his room. We made sure he was really good and full of food other than just breastmilk. He woke up when Hunter went through his first screaming fit and I sat up with him sleeping on me until Matt got Hunter settled. He woke up again just before 4, but after a quick boob he went back to sleep until 5am. I tried to not breastfeed him during the night, but I was so tired I just gave in to the little tank. On the weekend Matt is going to get up with him instead. So definite improvement with Cavan.

And I even got out of the house to go to a weight traing circuit class. My butt was kicked, but I am so glad I attended. I am a bit sore, but I will still be attending aerobics tomorrow night.

Thank you again everyone! It is wonderful to know that I am not alone!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Kind Of Tired That Makes You Want To Cry....

Or yak. I cannot decide which today. Maybe it will be both.

Since we arrived home from the East Coast three weeks ago, we have not been sleeping. None of us. And actually during our vacation we slept poorly there as well, but at least the grandparents gave us a bit of a break. Hunter and Cavan are waking up numerous times throughout the night. Prior to our trip both were sleeping so well that maybe we just got a little spoiled!

Something is definitely going on with Hunter. He goes to sleep every night just before 8pm. We hear him get out of his bed during the night and he runs to the living room (this happens anywhere between 3 and 5 times a night)! Then when you pick him up, he is usually screaming and asking us to play toys or to watch his dump truck movie (this of course wakes up the baby). Most often we can get him back to sleep in just a few minutes, but sometimes we have to throw him in bed with us to calm him down. I am guessing this is nightmares, but maybe some growing pains as well, or he is just addicted to his dump truck movie? He then gets up for the day anywhere between 4 and 5:30am. There is no getting him back to sleep at that point. He is still napping, but it is just for an hour and a half in the afternoons. I have found him to be more grumpy and acting out more (which could also just be toddler behaviours). We try to get him outside to play and he is down at the rec centre twice a week to burn off energy.

For Hunter we have gotten suggestions of just leave him in his room (well he just screams until he yaks, and of course it is hard to keep a baby asleep when the toddler is crying), and don't let him nap (hard because if we try to keep him up for the day you will look over and there he is curled up on his blanket asleep anyways). Do you have any ideas??

Cavan is also waking up numerous times throughout the night. He is also asleep by 8pm, but is up again a few hours later. After that he wakes up usually once an hour to feed. The worst part is trying to get him back down into his crib. He can be right asleep and then as soon as his head hits the mattress he is wide awake and yelling at you. This of course wakes up Hunter. He is also awake for the day around 5am. He naps for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon (of course he rarely will nap the same time as his brother), and a half hour cat nap around 6pm.

Suggestions so far have been to switch him to formula (trying, mainly because he is now biting, but he won't drink from the bottle) and to just let him cry in his crib (counterproductive because it wakes up Hunter, plus we are not fans of just letting the kids cry themselves out especially when they are this young). Any other ideas?

So Matt and I are exhausted. Seriously, you should see Matt, he looks horrible. I bet he is wishing right now that he could just crawl onto one of the patient beds and take a nap. And me... well I am ready to cry at a moments notice. I am miserable from this lack of sleep. I know, I know... you have 9 kids and you are doing just fine and you are supermom.... good for you. I am not and I have no clue how to get through this. So please send positive ideas or a relief crew. I will gladly accept both!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Toddler Food Tricks

Please let me know what kind of tricks you moms have up your sleeve for getting your toddler to eat!

Lately, if we break up his food into tiny pieces he will gladly eat it! It seems to work really well with bread products which he hadn't eaten in quite a while. The kid is challenging us daily as to what he will eat.

At least he still likes his veggies and fruit, but it varies week to week as to which ones he wants to eat. Last week he was on a strawberry kick, and this week it is watermelon and grapes.

The cute food story of the week was a few days ago when I asked him what he wanted for lunch and he replied with, "macawonies mom!" So freakin cute!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kitchen Helpers

Trying to be productive in the kitchen with these boys underfoot can be a real hassle! So to get them out from underfoot, I put the baby into one of my favorite baby holding devices- the sink! And Hunter got to hang out on the counter. Amazing how much work I got done in the kitchen with these two entertained!

My kitchen helpers:
Mmmmm... what is this tasty thing?
Oh, this end is much better tasting!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Son The Super Hero!

Hunter loves his new "big boy" underwear (too bad he doesn't love them enough to start using the potty all the time). One day this week he wanted to wear them on the outside of his pants, and of course I thought it looked hilarious and let him do it. I even took him out of the house and down to playgroup dressed like this. I am such a great mom. He is sure to hate me when he is a teenager!

Underwear worn on the outside of your pants totally turns you into a superhero. Here Hunter is displaying his super speed!

To the SuperVan with his trusty sidekick, Curl!
Now where is the button for the rocket boosters again....
Donning the rest of the superhero outfit!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Jolly Jumper Joy

The Entourage!

My son travels with an entourage! Let me introduce you to his constant companions.

Here is Pup. Hunter received Pup when he was two months old from his Nan and Pop during their first visit to Kugluktuk. This is the favorite of the entourage!
This puppy, also named Pup, was rescued (stolen) from the restaurant in Ross River by Hunter one day when we were there for lunch. Hopefully we didn't break some poor kids heart. Pup was a little lonely sitting on top of the pay phone...
And meet, yes you guessed it, Pup! My son isn't very original when it comes to names. Nan and Pop gave him this puppy as well when we came to visit them in Cape Breton this summer.

Along with Pups, there is the ever faithful squirrel named Curl (how Hunter pronounces squirrel right now!). Curl was won by Hunter as a prize at one of the functions in Faro during the Crane and Sheep Festival. You should see people ohhh and ahhh when they see Hunter on the back of my quad with Curl under his arm. Frickin adorable!
And the newest member of the entourage is Bear. We bought Bear for Hunter when he was born, but just in the last month has Hunter decided he would be buddy's with him. Bear has already had to go for major back surgery just last week after some rough play. Don't worry, his stitches are healing just fine!
And the Number One member of the entourage would be his favorite blanket which he has named Ah-Nigh. God forbid we ever lose this blanket.... Here is Hunter playing picnic under his blanket with the entire gang:
"Where I go, Mommy?"
Cute as a button!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Avoiding Leaches

A few days ago, a friend had this statement on her facebook status:

Don't make somebody a priority when they think of you as an option.

I have been reflecting a lot lately as to how I want my life to be. A couple of posts back I mentioned that I try to avoid negative people in this community and instead have been working on finding a positive group of people to associate with. The statement above sums up what else I have been working on.

Have you ever taken a personality test? I remember doing one once and I was deemed to be a helper-type person. It was pretty accurate. I find myself always trying to help people in anyway I can. Usually it is just easy stuff like cooking for a sick friend, or lending out a kitchen gadget or baby item. Also, after being bullied for so many years in middle and high school, I also worry if I see anyone being left out. I like to make sure people feel welcome.

This personality trait is fine by me! I honestly enjoy helping others and I think I am good at it. But there are times when I know I am going out of my way for people that are leaches. I am sure there wasn't a section for leaches on that personality test, but I bet you all know someone who fits that category. Leaches will suck you dry- whether it is for items that they use and abuse or even worse, for sapping all your energy and joy. Leaches only associate with other leaches unless they need something from you. Then they turn into sugar-filled friendly leaches. But after they suck your energy, they turn into just regular leaches once again.

When my friend posted that statement on facebook, it helped me to realize I am still making some people a priority in my life when they only think of me as an option. It is time for me to re-prioritize where my time and energy is spent. I have made small steps in that direction, but it is time for me to make some leaps and bounds instead.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Getting Older Is Inevitable, Growing Up Is Optional!

Today was one of those wonderful family days that makes me appreciate all I have been given in life. Matt let me get an extra two hours of sleep after I had been up most of the night, then we spent the morning cleaning house and playing with the kids. We all took naps and then spent a couple of hours outside in the snow. Our evening was filled with giggling children as we did bath time and a lot of running around the house time. There wasn't much exciting about the day, it was just a perfect family day.

But the best part of my day was supper. As I mentioned on my last post, Hunter has been playing "picnic" all week. We hide under blankets and pretend to eat, usually pancakes. So for supper tonight I made up pancakes, bacon and canteloup while Matt turned our kitchen table into a tent. Hunter was so excited to have a real picnic complete with his favorite food. The baby giggled and tried to grab our plates as we ate. It was a wonderful family supper full of laughter.

Heading into the tent:
My boys enjoying pancakes for our picnic! Hunters face is hilarious here!
His chipmunk cheeks here are stuffed full of pancake!
Here is the bike trailer we got as a gift from the wonderful folks around Faro. I just purchased the stroller kit and it arrived this week. This was our first drive in it!
While their faces don't show it is this picture, they did have a great time! We walked about two and a half kilometers with it today.
**Thanks to Indigo for the title of my post!

Pretend Play

Hunter has just hit the stage where he can pretend play. His favorite activity now is "picnic" where we hide under a blanket that is our tent and we pretend to eat food. He offers me a number of yummy treats such as pancakes, broccoli, peas and water (his favorite foods). We also sing songs, count outloud, and talking about camping trips we took during the summer. He could play this all day long!

Cavan also gets in on the action and giggles whenever we hide him under our tent. He looks at his big brother with such adoration and no one can make that baby laugh the way Hunter does.

Today I made a special tent for Hunter by covering the exersaucer with a blanket and Hunter crawled into the bottom of it. But he was so sad that the baby and I didn't fit, that he took the blanket off and brought it back to the couch so we could all participate.

I think tomorrow I need to make a big tent using our dining room table so we can have a family picnic. Real pancakes might be required as well!

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Right Prescription

I get itchy feet. About every two years the symptoms return, much to my husbands dismay. Symptoms include:
  • looking at house listings on and property guys
  • checking out job boards
  • worrying that my grass is not green enough
  • looking for new doors and windows to open
Two years ago we came to Faro on a bit of a whim to look at homes and see if this community was the right fit for us. We found an amazing home for a wickedly cheap price and we moved in three months later.

A couple of people I first met in town were very negative about this little community and I realized that in order to keep my itchy foot symptoms at bay I would have to avoid these people. I quickly backed away, hung out in the shadows for a while until I found people who focus on the positives in life, and then approached them for friendship. It sounds like a horrible thing to do, but in order for me to stay positive about life, I need to associate with positive people.

And it has worked. Our two year anniversary of moving to Faro is coming up quickly and my feet are fine. No itching. None at all.

Faro. The right prescription for my itchy feet. Maybe yours as well?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hunter is obsessed with stacking. He will stacks blocks, cars, bread pans, plastic containers... anything he has around him he will stack. I brought out crayons for him to play with and he won't really colour, instead he tries to stack them. Is this a boy thing?

And after he is done stacking, the items are usually relocated to the under-the-seat compartment in his push van or to the bucket of his John Deere loader and pushed around the house, dumped out repeatedly, pushed around a bit more, and then relocated to some obscure location in my house. Usually my bed.

This is his favorite cupboard and I have no clue how he hasn't broken his foot with the number of cans he has dropped while playing in here. Last week though, he tried to stack the open bottle of maple syrup on top of this tower in the picture. It did not end well. The tower fell, the lid to the maple syrup popped open and it glug-glugged all over my floor. In the few seconds in took me to grab it, my floor was a mess. Cleaning up maple syrup is not easy! But my kitchen did smell nice and sweet for a few days!

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Who Needs Clothes?

A cute picture of my boys from a few weeks ago:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hallowe'en Fun

We had a splendid Hallowe'en day even with the foot of snow that came down! The town put on a party for the little kids down at the Rec Centre. Our little moose and tiger headed down to partake in the festivities. That evening Matt took the little tiger around the block to get some loot. He did pretty darn good! Too bad we don't really let him have much for sugar.... he got 10 smarties, some chips and then we ate a bit and gave the rest away to another family.

We had about thirty kids come to our door. I was just as impressed this year as I was last year with how polite all of the kids were. All of the neighbours loved seeing the little tiger come up to their door saying his little, "twik or tweet" and "sanks!" And our neighbours were exceptionally generous. Matt was carrying an extra bag for a family that is sick with the flu and they all helped to fill it right up to the top!

Me and my moose!
Tiger on a tractor with his catch during moose season!
What a catch!
Our tiger playing house with a beautiful princess!
Mmmmm... nothing like plastic french fries to go along with moose!

Our little moose hanging with his buddies!

Heading out:
Our brave little tiger going for the goods!

The tiger with his loot!