Tuesday, January 27, 2015

This Is Our Get Along Shirt

Today is one of those days when I truly understand why some animals eat their young.

Bedtime cannot come soon enough.

The kids are fighting non-stop with each other, Hunter got in trouble at school, Matt has been away for over a week, it is cold and my car won't start, and I am just tired as hell.  Oh, and I just broke a bowl from my brand new set.  Damn it. 

So it was either I completely lose my shit, or I make them entertain me.  Losing my shit is miserable, so I went for the latter option.

Here is the result:

Then they had to do chores and eat supper like that.  It was pretty entertaining for me.
Tidying up.

Putting away dog toys.

Reading together.


Unloading the dishwasher.
Then they also had to sit down and write apology notes to make up for some problems they caused today and they have lost some privileges.  They don't get off easy, but there was no point in me getting upset.

Now, any secrets to share on how to get brothers to actually get along?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Newest Member Of Our Family

This has been our conversation for the last eleven and a half years:

Me:  Matt, can I have a puppy?
Matt:  No.

Me:  Matt, can I have a puppy?
Matt:  No.

Me:  Matt, can I have a puppy?
Matt:  No.

Repeat times a thousand.

Then I got the puppy fever rather hard this winter.  A number of friends got puppies, wickedly cute puppies.  And I decided that my husband really does know me well enough to know that eventually I would just go out and get one.  Thankfully I was right and he didn't kick me out to live in the camper as he had threatened.  He has turned into quite the suckhole puppy parent even though he doesn't really want to admit it.

So welcome, Emma!  I know.  Odd name for a household that has cats named Tweakers, Battleship, and Pumpkin Cat.  She is a sweet little girl pup that is now 10 weeks old and has been getting to know us for the last two weeks.  Her mother was a border collie cross and the dad... who knows, but people are guessing yellow lab.  We got her from a rescue kennel in Tagish.

She is sweet, smart, and very energetic.  She is also very attached to me and is always at my feet.  The boys are in love with her and cannot wait until she plays fetch a bit better.  I think she is going to be a great fit for our family.

My new baby!

She is a bit of a wuss.

She loves being outside!

Matt is a total suck.

I am a total suck too.
We have three family members though that are no too happy about this new addition.