Friday, April 27, 2012

Dental Tourism? Any Advice?

Sooner rather than later I need to have some dental work done.  I have been going through a few years of dental hell after visits with a traveling dentist and another one in Whitehorse did a lot of damage to my teeth.  All of the work those two dentists did has all had to be redone at a huge out of pocket cost to us.  We have paid about $12k for the dental work to date above and beyond what our dental insurance will cover.

Right now I need to have a bridge redone and my insurance will not cover it.  The bridge the dentist did was crap and it fell to pieces.  My insurance will only cover it if I wait another three years, which just isn't possible.  It also means at least two if not three trips to Whitehorse which is gas, hotel and meals all of which are not covered.  It is expensive!

I have been hearing about people traveling abroad to have dental work done and I am trying to research it.  Heck, if I can take a week long vacation and have my dental work done all for the same price as going into Whitehorse three times, why not!

Have you done this?  Do you know someone who has?  I am looking for names of clinics and real person reviews!  Help me out, please!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Three Years Old!

Phew. We have survived the Terrible Two's.

Not sure if we will all make it through the Trying Three's though!  This kid sure does give us a run for our money.  Thankfully he is pretty darn cute and says some funny stuff that usually helps us forget about the times we want to feed him to the wolves.

Cavan a couple days old.  We had no clue how much trouble we were in!

And now already three years old!  Check out his new stuffy- a boy dressed as a fox!  I had a friend custom make it for him. 

Brothers that went from this....

To this.  The best is listening to Cavan talk to Hunter; he usually just calls him Brudder.

Backyard birthday fun with a bunch of his friends on Saturday.

His new biking gear.  I doubt it will last for long.  I am predicting this is the summer of the broken arm for this kid.  No amount of protective gear will stop him!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Faro Needs A Principal!

The job posting just went up today! 

Faro is in need of an outstanding individual to fill the principal position

Our small k-12 school has around 40 students with the majority of the youth in the lower grades. 

What are families here hoping for in a successful applicant?  Someone who:
 -  knows what it means to lead a community school
-  will support teachers and push them to strive towards excellence
-  is willing to be directly involved with all grade levels of students
-  is willing to work at building a positive rapport with the students
-  uses the vast wealth of knowledgeable people around Faro who want to be involved in the school
-  is open-minded and willing to discuss new ideas
-  is not only looking to teach the students, but also willing to learn from them
-  can be a strong advocate for our students while having their best interests in mind

My husband summed it up much better than I could have when he said this:  Faro needs a community minded member who will serve as the principal of our educational facility instead of a principal who simple lives in the community.

Do you think you are up to this amazing challenge?  Or do you know someone who should apply? 

Click here for the link to the job posting.

Click here to learn more about Faro.

And of course you can always contact me to find out more about our amazing town and what life here has to offer!

Six Months and 80 Pounds Down

Actually, 80.5 pounds down total now!  My surgery was six months ago and despite a hard last month, I am still on track and doing very well. 

This last month was probably the hardest mentally I have faced so far.  Six months in is about the longest I have ever stuck with any sort of diet or health plan, and I really struggled last month with being enthusiastic.  I just hit a point of being tired of measuring my food,  tired of entering it into a website to watch my calorie and protein amounts, and tired of not being able to binge eat.

But thankfully I still did it all, although I did not enter my food intake about half of the time last month.  I am eating between 800 and 1000 calories a day and 80 grams of protein.  Easter was tough and I got myself a bit hooked on chocolate for about 10 days.  I have been weaning myself off of sugar since then and that is no fun at all.

Up until this week I have been going to the gym still three times a week for weight training.  I have been walking with the boys nearly every day and have done a number of bike rides on my new bike as well.  I usually play squash once or twice a week too, but this Sunday I pulled something in my back during a game.  My back is still bothering me, so I am taking this week off from the gym and just walking to keep up on my exercise.  Hopefully I will be back on the weights next week.

I don't really notice the weight loss until I start to compare my pictures and then I find it pretty impressive! 

So here are pictures of me from this morning weighing in at 238.5lbs alongside pictures of me prior to surgery:




Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vacation Booked!

We have decided to spoil ourselves a little next January and take a hot vacation.  We have enough aeroplan miles saved up to transport our family of four from Whitehorse to Maui for 10 days.  I do love winter in the Yukon, but I am looking forward to ten days without snowsuits!  We have booked a condo that a number of our friends have used and it looks very lovely.  I think the boys are going to love playing on a mosquito free beach!

Now to just wait the nine months until we leave!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Deck Progress

We are already dreaming of getting the patio furniture set up and enjoying drinks on our awesome back deck!!

A little dangerous yet...

It is going to be huge!  I think it will be 16x20.

It is really high!  Our friend has asked if we are going to put up razor wire along the railing to keep the kids in, which is probably a good idea.

Decking is almost done!  Look at that view!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Look who got a haircut:

I think it is impossible to get a picture of this kid with a clean face!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Here, have some ranch.

Kids do odd things.

On Monday, I was in the kitchen grabbing a few things for our lunch time weenie roast with a couple of other families.  Hunter and Cavan wanted to help carry items to the backyard, so I was leaving a few items by the door for them to haul out.

I was just about ready to come outside when Hunter came in and said that Cavan gave the bottle of ranch dressing to Dave.  I was a little confused since Dave lives across the street.  Okay, I thought, maybe Dave was heading into our backyard for a visit and Cavan gave it to him to bring.  I went into the backyard and there was no Dave in sight.  So I asked Matt if Cavan had brought the ranch to the picnic table and he said no.  Hunter again told me it was given to Dave.

Cavan pipped up that yes, he had given it to Dave because Dave needed it.  So across the street we all went to find the missing bottle of ranch.  A very confused Dave came to the door and gave me back my bottle of ranch!  Cavan had crossed the street by himself, knocked on our neighbours door and handed the bottle to Dave.   I guess he decided that Dave needed the salad dressing more than we did!  Funny thing was that Dave's wife was on the phone, so Dave just assumed that she had asked us to bring it over.

When I took the bottle back from Dave, Cavan completely lost his mind.  He was mad that I was taking it back!  He kept yelling that Dave needed it and that I should give it back to him. 

Wish I knew what was going through his little head as he trudged across the street to give that bottle to Dave!

Pedals, Puddles, and Potlucks

Another fantastic weekend!  Life just keep getting better and better. 

On Thursday, a friend and I ditched our respective families and headed to the bright lights of Whitehorse for a night.  We shopped until we dropped and our credit cards were crying for a breather.  I bought myself a bike (and I have even ridden it a few times without crashing already!), a few new clothing items, and new runners and hikers.  Grocery shopping was a breeze with no screaming boys!  There was even a relaxing two hours getting a manicure and pedicure done!  And in true Kara fashion, I ruined my manicure 30 seconds after it being completed by pulling on my super classy rubber boots.  We didn't get home until early evening on Friday and it was a much needed little break.

Saturday was spent biking around and around the block with the boys and finding the deepest puddles possible!  There was also a community egg hunt that was hosted by our Girls Night Out group.  Where else can you live where a group of teenage girls volunteer their time (and money they have raised) to buy chocolate for all the kids and host a fun hunt for them?  I can't say it often enough- Faro is full of amazing people, the youth included.

Sunday morning we collected all the treats the Easter Bunny left for us.  Then we went to church with boys on a serious sugar buzz!  We enjoyed an early service followed by a breakfast potluck.  My mother in law had sent the boys little suits for Christmas that we didn't use, and I was happy to have an occasion to dress them up.  Again, we spent the afternoon cruising the block on our bikes, splashing in puddles, and digging trenches for the run off water.  That evening we had another potluck supper and had 21 people here for supper.  Good food, good friends, and good fun all around!

Monday was a pretty lazy day.  I did a lot of sewing to try and keep up with my weekly goals.  The boys were outside most of the day.  We had some friends over for a lunch time weenie roast in the back yard.  I think it is almost time to break out the sunscreen!  We rode our bikes and just enjoyed the nice weather.  So over the weekend I did 11.5km on my new bike.  Not bad considering how long it has been since I rode one!

I didn't get a single picture of us on our bikes or our big pot luck supper, but here are a few other nice photos from the weekend:

The boys and their Easter loot.

All dressed up for church!

Suits and rubber boots.

Lots of kids at church.

Cavan and his best buddy, Alex.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Monday Crafting

So last week I set myself up with some crafting goals to make sure I have myself well stocked for craft fairs and the upcoming summer tourist season.

How did I do?

Not too bad over all! 

I got my one smaller project done- a pair of baby booties were whipped up while I was catching up on watching "Sons of Anarchy" one night.  Sorry Matt, but I would toss you out for Jax Teller any day.

Smaller projects were a definite focus this week.  I made 8 fur puff hair elastics, 7 hair bands, and six key chains.  Most of these small items will be going to the Trapper's Cache in Whitehorse where my stuff is being sold right now.

And the bigger project of the week was to finish off a pair of mittens that I started last month.  But they are still sitting here half finished.  A weekend of community events and gorgeous weather got in the way of those.  I might be able to pull of finishing them today though.

Now on to another week of crafting production!

Monday, April 2, 2012

A Weekend of Community Fun

This entire weekend was all about community- something that we really believe in. We spent the entire weekend participating in a variety of community events. It was so great to see the impressive turnouts to the events! I already blogged about our backyard bonfire with friends and cotton candy buzz that covered Friday night.

Saturday started with a pancake breakfast at the rec centre. Girls North ran that event and all the funds they raised are helping to fund a trip to Vancouver this spring for the girls to check out Universities! After that we headed out to Fish Eye Lake for our spring festival- The Ice Worm Squirm! The weather was gorgeous and the events hilarious. My team came in second place in the team events. My superb performance in the tea boiling helped us with our high placing! Then that evening we went back to the rec centre for archery and a steak supper that was a fundraiser for the Faro Youth Group.

Sunday we headed down to church and were pleasantly surprised with an hour of gospel bluegrass music by our very own talented Faroites. A guitar and two mandolins doing "Keep on the Sunny Side" and "I'll Fly Away" made my day! Then that afternoon we went down to the arena for the big skating show!  Hunter has been in skating lessons since the fall and all the kids have been practicing hard for the big show. The community turned out in droves to support the kids! The stands were full of people throwing flowers for the skaters and clapping their hearts out. After the big show both of my boys got to have a ride on the zamboni!

A perfect weekend with friends and a heck of a lot of fun!
Here fishy!

Cavan with a maple syrup treat!  A little stuck in his mouth.

Me and my team kicking butt at the tea boiling!

Our team, Awesome Awesome Squirrel Bait, getting reading for the snowshoe relay.

My kid is fast on his snowshoes!

Smooshing!  We were definitely not the quickest in this one.

Our train snow sculpture

Cavan exhausted from the afternoon out at the lake.  But still holding onto to his prize!

Hunter getting ready to shoot!

Cavan and Peter getting ready to take down a deer.

Almost ready for the big skating show!

Our figure skaters were fantastic!

The little sunshine crew!

It really doesn't get any more Canadian than this.  Riding the zamboni around the rink with an RCMP member at your side!

Cavan going around the rink too!