Friday, October 31, 2008

Just not hungry.

For anyone who has been pregnant, or even around a pregnant woman, you know that they normally fill their faces with food. Yep, doesn't sound pretty, but it is true. And don't you dare come between them and their favorite food. You might lose a finger or two.

But lately, this just isn't the case for me. I haven't eaten much at all this week. I think the boy has actually eaten more than I have. My appetite is just gone. I cook something take a few bites and that is it. It no longer tastes good or I just have no desire to eat it. I have already lost 7lbs with this pregnancy. For someone of normal weight this would be a big concern. But with my weight, I am supposed to gain minimal weight while pregnant. I actually lost about 10lbs while pregnant with Hunter, but I ate alllll the time then. This is new to me. I am a compulsive overeater/binge eater. Diagnosed and everything. So for me to leave food on the plate and halloween candy in the box it just something I have never really experienced before. I am a little concerned that I don't feel like eating.

Any other pregnant ladies go through this?


Fawn said...

Yep, I really haven't eaten that much in the last couple of months. It's so weird, after being so hungry in the first part of the pregnancy that 80% of my Facebook status updates were about food.

Also, while I was in the hospital this week, I ate about 6 bites of food in the first two days. Does morphine have an appetite-suppressing effect? Or maybe it was the fact that when I tried to eat supper for Nugget's sake, I promptly threw it all up in a spectacular geyser about half an hour later. Yep, that has a suppressing effect. LOL

Heather (aka Mum) said...

hay!!! I was always worried that I wasn't eating enough & that somehow the twins would starve!! Hummm...Guess I was WRONG! They were very healthy little leaches & took ALL they needed...Heck, I had no ROOM for food with two babies in side so I rarely got hungry & when I did...a few bits was all I could take! (except for in the first tri - all I wanted was zucinne & mushrooms fried in butter then smothered in salt - in the sec tri, I wouldn't let the stuff even TOUCH my plate!! phyco??) & now I have no time or energy to why am i still FAT?? & truse me...breast feeding DOESN'T take the weight off - twins & 12 months of nursing later, I've not lost an ounce!

LOL...Ok that turned into a total rant of TMI...LOL

dogsled_stacie said...

"spectacular geyser" - good description Fawn!!!

Um, Heather.... I remember you eating when preggo, what are YOU talking about?!?!?! We were scared to go between you and food! :)

Hang in there Kara!

jen said...

I remember this right around the end of my first trimester, just about the time I was coming off the nausea. I would make dinner for Nathan, go to a lot of trouble and then decide that I didn't want it. Or go into a grocery store and not really get excited about anything. And as a woman who enjoys food, this totally freaked me out!! But it went away like everything else that's weird and not fun about pregnancy lol.

So my new thing is being out of breath while I eat and not being able to eat a lot at one time. Just the other day I was yelling at Nathan and found myself out of breath! Baby gettin' big in there lol.

Hope you get your appetite back, maybe a trip to the big city where you don't have to put in all the work to get a meal. Mmmm Mcdonalds!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Thanks so much ladies!!

Oh Fawn. A spectacular geyser?? ahahahahah What a description. I totally understand that.

Heather you are right. It is all bs about the babies sucking the fat out of us while breastfeeding!!!

Jen- just wait until that last month. I could never catch my breath! And then all of a sudden the baby dropped and I could breath again. It was awesome!

Anonymous said...

Its sounds like that your having a girl..OR this baby has many hairs. Have you found out what the sex might be? Ole folks can tell by looking at marking on the belly area (belly button). If its a girl, its marking off side of belly button and if its a boy, marking is straight down on belly button.

Aida said...

i went thru the i dont want to eat phase with both kids. i think that is why i gained only 16lbs and 17lbs with the kids respectively. i think my appetite only went up a little bit around 7-ish month till around 8-ish month. the last few weeks, i hardly eat anything but knew i had to eat so ate 6 small meals and it helped big time with GD that i had with Ava.

Mama said...

I am 5 months pregnant right now and am feeling the same.
I have to remind myself to eat and just don't feel like food.

This is so different to having both my boys where I would eat anything that wasn't nailed down!

The only thing that gets me excited is a hot chocolate!

Good luck with the pregnancy!

~Kara in the UK