Sunday, June 15, 2014

Greenhouse and Garden Tour

The greenhouse and garden are taking off yet again this year!  This is year three for the raised beds and year one for the greenhouse.  I am learning a bit more each year and am impressed at how well everything is doing.

I started a few plants on my own this year in the house (cucumber, zucchini, and butternut squash), but I started them late.  Next year, I will definitely start them much earlier in the spring.

I was gifted a couple of shelves/storage units to be used in the greenhouse and they are working well in the space.  Everything is still in containers and it is working out quite well.  Next year I was sure I was going to do raised beds in my greenhouse, but now I am second guessing that plan.  Maybe I will continue with the containers!  I will wait and see how the growing season goes and then decide.  

Tomatoes, basil, cilantro, and butternut squash!

A red pepper plant and behind it, banana peppers.  Can you see the pepper already growing on this plant?

Tomato alley!

I cannot wait for red tomatoes!

Look at these fun ones!

The wall of cucumbers.  Actually, there are two walls just of cucumbers!

Zucchini and a couple more cucumber plants.

All the strawberry plants I brought home from Whitehorse are doing well and have doubled in size.  Lots of blossoms!

Just one shot of the raised beds.  Lettuce at the front, and then rest of the row is a combination of beans, peas and potatoes.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

All the reasons May was awesome.

The cranes flew over.

Cavan is learning to be a gentleman.

Card games in the camper.

Sister wives out camping.

Kids canoeing.

Kayaking in the ice.

Learning how to use my kayak!

Learning how to jump a bike.


Shed building.

So much sun.

Seed planting.

Hiking with friends.
Greenhouse love.

Field trips.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Yard Projects

My fantastic husband has been busy during May!  I always joke that he is an excellent nurse, but don't let him build anything since it will be mighty fugly in the end.  He has proven me wrong!

Matt built a greenhouse and a woodshed!  Both were made of a combination of purchased materials and scavenged ones.  I think my greenhouse is perfect and I have been happily playing in there every day.  The woodshed will hold about 4.5 cords of wood and is a million times better than have the wood covered in a noisy, flapping tarp.  We will still have to stack some wood outside of the shed, but most of what we need for the winter will be in there.

Thank you, Matthew!

My precious.

Filling the woodshed was not nearly as fun as watching Matt build it.