Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Camping Season 2015!

The month of May has been incredibly hot with most days hitting ten degrees hotter than average.  We have already taken advantage of this weather by heading out to the lake for two weekends of camping. 

With Matt being on call an awful lot, I have gotten good at just packing up and heading out without him.  He enjoys having a weekend to work on his own projects and there is no way I am staying home just because he can't come!  The boys are old enough that camping with them isn't hard and it can be fun having some mom and boy time at the lake too.

Our first weekend out we went with a slew of friends for two nights just to the closest campground- Drury Creek which is on Little Salmon Lake.  The kids were brave and went wading in the water- there was still ice on!  We discovered that Emma loves the water and will even hop into the kayak for rides. 

Our second weekend, I pulled the boys from school for two days and we went to Frenchman Lake for four nights.  Matt was able to join us for three of those nights!  We did more kayaking and a lot of relaxing.  I read three books that weekend!

This is our eighth summer with our camper and yes, it is getting a bit squishy in there with two growing boys.  But we still squeeze in there.  The plan as they get older is to kick one out to sleep in the back seat of the truck, and then eventually, both boys can just sleep in a tent.  The camper might be small, but it is in perfect working order and paid for!

I am looking forward to another fantastic camping season around the Yukon!

Swimming Emma!

Setting up at Little Salmon

Puzzle time!

Army men and books at Frenchman Lake.

What a view!

My happy family.

A little chilly after a swim.

Hunter and a friend having a sleepover in the tent.

Kayaking with the Flea Biscuit!

Kid cuddles.

The boys are happy to be kayaking again!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Look at what is growing around here!

Spring is here and I haven't been inside much at all, except the time I spend on my school work each morning.  I have been spending my time walking (a lot- 30 000 steps a day which is over 20km), prepping the garden/greenhouse, more walking, reading on my back deck, prepping for the camping season, and really, anything I can think of that has me outside.

Check out what has been growing around here lately:

The Dog.
She is six months old a bit of a brat right now.  She loves to destroy toilet paper and can find anything dead in a 5km radius.  I am teaching her to ride on my quad with me and I love having my little Emma for my walks.

The Plants.
The greenhouse pots are all mixed up with new compost and manure.  A kiddie pool is perfect for dumping and mixing pots!  Another few weeks and the plants will be moving in.  The raised beds need more work and I will get them prepped this week and will plant seeds after next weekend.  Indoors I have tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, zucchini, and pumpkins that are slowly but surely taking over the dining room.

The C-Boy.
Cavan turned six last month.  When did my baby get to be six?  He had friends over for games outside like tug of war and egg balancing.  We got him stilts for his birthday since Santa didn't bring them as he request for Christmas and he is already up to 330 steps without stopping and totally unassisted.  I am planning on selling him to the circus once I have him trained up a bit better.

The H-Boy.
Hunter is taking right after his mama.  He has always loved books, but his addiction to reading is really growing!  And check out the title on this book.  Zombies!  Yah!  I am raising him right.  

This is summer number eight for us here in the Yukon.  And number twelve for north of 60.  Time passes so fast and thankfully, we are still very content with our lives here.

First crocus of the year.... which Emma ate right after this picture was taken.

My growing boys!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Our Top Cop Reader

One of our local RCMP members got our grade 1/2 class on board with the Top Cop Reading Program.  It is a national program that encourages youth to read for half an hour every day and as those minutes add up, students advance through the ranks of the RCMP with the goal of becoming the Commissioner with 900 minutes of reading.

We were on vacation for 10 days of this challenge, but it was still easy to find time for Hunter to read for 30 minutes.  He loves books and is always sneaking books to bed with him and waiting for us to close his door so he can read more.  He hit his 900 minutes and was pretty proud of his name at the top of the chart in his classroom!

Our local member went into the school at the end of the challenge and set up an obstacle course for the kids to run through.  They all received prizes and had a lot of fun.  Then the award for the students who made the top cop level was a drive to school by our RCMP who were dressed in full serge!

When the program was first introduced to Hunter, he thought the final prize was that the RCMP would be on his beck and call to drive him whenever he wanted! He was a little disappointed to when he found out it was only one drive!

Thank you to Constable Drapeau  for running this program in our school and thank you to Corporal Hack for driving Hunter to school!

How Canadian kids get to school!  HA! 

On his way!

Outside our school

Our Top Cops!

Thanking the members for putting on the program.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Outside time, all the time!

I don't mind winter.  Heck, I wouldn't be in the Yukon if winter wasn't my thing.  Sure, I get a little stir-crazy when we have long stints of cold, but a bit more vitamin D, our sunlamp, and we get through it!

I think what makes winter bearable is that we get outside in most every temperature.  It definitely gets easier this time of the year and we are outside as much as possible.  The boys and I have walked to school almost every single morning since the middle of February (I think we have missed 3 days of walking in that time).  We have had a pretty mild winter and the coldest it has been since that time has been the mid minus twenties.  But even when it is colder, we find any reason to get outside.  Fresh air feels like it fixes most everything.  I don't miss those years when the boys were babies and toddlers and getting outside in the deep cold was near impossible!

Having this pup has also given us extra reason to get outside.  I am walking her about 7km a day and loving it!

Frosty walk in the -30's.

We finally got skidoos after selling ours when we left Nunavut.  Two new-to-us machines are now in our yard.

Romps with the puppy are always fun!

It got so warm the kids and their friends made a snowman out of the sticky snow!

Out at the lake with friends.

Warming up by the fire after hours outside.

Nice long walks tire out the kids and the dog!

This is the sign of a good day in our house!  All of the gear and a dog drying out by the fire.


So pretty in her pink sweater!
Sunny March weather is bringing out my freckles already!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Perfect Family House for Sale in Faro, Yukon

Nope, not ours!  We aren't moving anywhere.

But Faro is losing a really fantastic family.  They are moving to Haines Junction to start a new adventure after spending 12 years in Faro.  Their gorgeous house is up for sale and we would love to see another family move to town.

I have said it repeatedly over the last seven years that we have lived here and I will keep saying it- Faro is amazing!  Here is what the seller says about Faro and I have to agree:

Why would you want to live in Faro? Families can buy an awesome home here without being a slave to your mortgage! One parent can stay home with kids so you can escape paying those daycare bills. Faro has all the amenities you need, with an incredible K-12 school, affordable and varied recreation, and world class hunting, hiking, fishing and outdoor opportunities. Faro has a strong, safe community with many young growing families choosing to raise their kids here because of the high quality of lifestyle. Live in a place where your kids can dirt bike to school, where the cops are your hockey coaches, and where you can put your groceries on a tab at the store because your forgot your wallet at home. 

See!  Why would you want to live anywhere else?  Sure, you can move to Whitehorse and pay over $400 000 for a house not near as nice, but who wants to do that?  Move to Faro and buy this house for $210 000 instead!

This town is the perfect place to live if a parent works away in a mine or oil patch too.  Leave your family in a safe, caring community while you are on your two weeks away at work!

Their house has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms and has been renovated and updated throughout.  There is both a wood stove and a propane stove so your heating bills can be minimal.  And the kitchen.  My god, it is stunning!  There is so much living space in this place!  Check out these photos:

Cedar siding, new windows, big yard!

Gorgeous hardwood flooring and a propane stove upstairs.

More hardwood flooring and a woos stove downstairs.  No huge fuel bills for you!

And who wouldn't want a hot tub?

Everyone in Faro has kitchen envy.  There is even a pantry off the kitchen!
Check out their Kijiji ad for a better description and more photos.  Make an offer!

Oh, and if you do buy the house, I get full access to the rhubarb patch.  Yep.  Just part of the deal.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Everything was AWESOME!

We got back from our trip to San Diego and hit the ground running and I hadn't had a chance to update the blog!

The trip was an absolute blast.  Not relaxing in the least, but the boys had quite the experience. 

We spent three nights right at the Legoland hotel and two full days in the park itself.  I found it overwhelming and this was the slow season!  It was actually slow enough that the line ups were pretty much non-existent.  If we had to wait 10 minutes for a ride, that was a long one.  There were lego building sites at every ride so kids could build while the parents waited in line.  Genius!  Our boys were the perfect age for the park; only a few of the rides were too old for them.  The park and hotel staff were incredibly friendly.

From the set of the Lego Movie!  I could have looked at the set for hours.  It was huge and so detailed.

Of course the Lego Star Wars exhibit was their favorite.

A Lego pirate in the lobby!

Bunk beds!

Giant Lego Chewy!

Everything is awesome!

This is part of the hotel lobby!

The boys had quite the stash of cash to spend at the Legoland store, and they spent it right to the last dollar.  Three suitcases later....
So much building.....  We are still going at in.
The next five nights we stayed just in a regular hotel.  Nothing special, but it did have bunkbeds again for the boys.  We spent a day at an amusement park on the beach, a day at the Midway Naval Museum, a day at SeaWorld, and a day at the zoo.  One hot day we tried to have a beach/park day, but it was just too hot for the boys at +27C, so we just hung out pool side at our hotel.  There were no huge crowds at any of our other destinations.  We saw so much without feeling too overwhelmed.  I would have loved another day back at the zoo or SeaWorld, but there just wasn't enough time on this trip.

You can climb right into so many aircrafts aboard the Midway.

The Boss and Mini Boss looking out over the flight deck.

He answered an entire book of questions to earn those wings.


Gondola ride over the zoo.

Giant spider in there!

The baby gorilla was my favorite!
The pet show!  This was the best show at SeaWorld!  Even cats and pigs were doing tricks!


There were some huge sharks in here.
And fun was had by all!