Friday, July 31, 2009

Postpartum Depression Perhaps?

Since having Cavan I have felt very happy! No problems other than trying to get my hemoglobin levels back up (probably should have had some blood transfusions, but ah well!).

But while on vacation I noticed myself going back to some old, nasty habits. I am a compulsive overeater/ binge eater. During my last year of university I found an excellent counselor who helped me identify my problems and find the tools needed to get it under control. I binge when I am emotional and it doesn't matter the emotion. Happy, sad, mad.... I eat for all of them. Eventually I become so out of tune with myself that I don't even know the reason I am eating. But when I eat I am happy.

In the last two months I realized I have gained about 15lbs. Pretty scary stuff since I had not gone up in weight for the last three years. I even maintained my weight during my pregnancies, and even lost weight during those times (don't worry, I was not dieting, it is just what my body did). Not gaining weight for three years was a huge success for me. Prior to this my weight had gone up every year.

So on the drive back home to Faro I thought a lot about those tools I learned during that year of counseling and am putting them back to work. The house has been cleared out of all trigger foods (foods that make me want to eat), I am tracking my food intake and planning meals ahead of time. I grabbed out all of my books on binge eating and am reviewing them again.

Now it should be interesting to see what happens. I really don't know why I started eating again. But once I "get clean" I should start feeling more emotion and get to the bottom of it. I am thinking I have some postpartum depression and I turned to food without even realizing it so I could cope.

So here's to seeing what is underneath it all! Hopefully my regular happy self emerges binge free in a few weeks.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Movie Theatre Rant

Matthew and I had a date night last evening! We have not been to a movie theatre together in two years, so the movie I wanted to see was playing in Dawson Creek and the family was happy to watch the kids for us.

We got Cavan to sleep around 8pm, left Hunter with the family and bombed into town to watch Transformers 2. I had wanted to see it so bad! Now, I have no complaints about the movie. I know, it had horrible reviews but I found it entertaining.

What I am complaining about are all the idiots who cannot leave their cell phone turned off!! All around me people were texting every few minutes. One guy behind us was talking on his cell phone saying, "I can't hear you very well." Well my wonderfully blunt husband turned around the told the guy he would hear him much better if he went outside!

Seriously, can't you cell phone users and texters leave your phone/gadget alone for two and a half hours?? We don't own cell phones and manage to survive just fine.

And in addition to the gadget freaks, there was a gaggle of teen boys ahead of us that were farting up a storm. Good god they stunk!

I used to love watching movies on the big screen, but in my old age I think I am going to leave the theatre to those gadget freaks and stinking young punks and settle for a night at home with my hubby watching a movie together once the kids go to bed. Man, at nearly 30 I sure feel old.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Still Alive!!

So sorry for the lack of posts! We are still on vacation and will return to Faro late next week. So far we have been gone for 20 days and I am definitely ready to head for home.

Plans were changed and instead of going camping with my family, we decided to stay at my parents place for an extra week. Being here is better than camping. My parents have 320 acres, quads, swimming pool, kid-sized gators and the list goes on and on. Hunter is not hurting for entertainment. As a bonus, my brother along with his wife and kids have been here with us. The boys are all getting along better than I ever imagined. I am so glad we have kids nearly the same age.

And to appease those wanting pictures...

Hunter and Damon going for a drive in the gator:

Grandma letting Hunter steer the RZR with Damon as the passenger:

I promise I will get more pictures up when I get home!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Next Leg of our Journey!

We have been over in Hay River, NWT since last Wednesday. I have lots of stories and pictures, but my mac won't start due to a craptacular cord! I think Hunter has played with the cord too much and now it won't charge my computer. Today we are leaving to head south to my parents place outside of Dawson Creek, BC. There is a place to fix macs down there, so we are hoping to hit it tomorrow before it closes to see about a cord. Then I can download and post some pictures.

Hay River has been a wonderful time. Most of our friends from our time here have kids now, so our time has been spent getting to know the new additions. We have been gone from Hay River for four years, but it feels like we never missed a beat. A true sign of good friends!

Hopefully late this week I will get some pictures on here. Now, time to get that camper packed up again!

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Boys

Hunter and his cousin Damon driving through the bush at Liard Hot Springs:

My brother and me with our kidlets at the springs:

Damon showing Hunter his new John Deere Gator:

Happy Cavan:

Sunday, July 5, 2009

1300km so far!

We have made it as far as Fort Nelson! Our time here will be spent playing with our two little nephews, who are just adorable.

So far the trip has been pretty good. That portable dvd player is worth its weight in gold as it has kept Hunter very entertained. Cavan on the other hand is not impressed to be sitting in a car seat and not be able to see anyone! He is either crying or sleeping.... no in between at all. We try to stop every so often to give him a cuddle break, but we have also had to leave him there crying so we can get to our next destination. Poor little man.

We have seen a heap of wildlife so far:
8 black bears
oodles of sheep
2 moose and one had twins!
3 caribou
many, many bison
and of course those daredevil squirrels that try to beat your truck across the road!

We will be here for the next couple of days and then off to our old stomping grounds in the NWT.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Poor Matt!

Right as Matt walked through the door at work this morning, the Nurse-In-Charge knew something wasn't quite right. After a few tests he was diagnosed with FIIL Syndrome:


Symptoms include:
- complete lack of attention for work
- an obsessive desire to check the time every two minutes
- twitchy feet
- glazed over eyes
- trying to run out any open door

Luckily, he will be completely cured later this afternoon!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ready To Roll!

The truck is cleaned out, the camper is loaded, and the trailer is empty and ready to be filled with fun stuff from the city.

I am so excited to leave tomorrow! The whole trip is going to be filled with fun and friends. And also lots of screaming from the backseat as well.... joy!

Our snazzy ride:

I am sure I will be able to manage some blog posts for you addicts out there! Safe travels to everyone else headed out as well.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Boy is Growing Up!

On Tuesday we asked Hunter's favorite babysitter to take him for an hour and a half after supper so we could get some packing done. Hunter absolutely loves her and leaves with no problem when she comes and gets him. They headed out and we got to work.

A while later I just happened to look out the window and see a few kids go by. Well this few kids was actually a whole pack of them! And my little man was out there too. In the picture you can see six kids, but there was at least 10 of them out there on this walk around the neighbourhood. Matt was outside and Hunter didn't even want to go and see him. My boy is growing up!

And a big hurray for living in a town where you don't have to worry that your child is out for a walk with a big group of kids. I really love Faro!

Hunter is the one with the camo fleece on. His babysitter is pulling the empty wagon. Guess he wanted to be just like the big kids and walk!

Canada Day!

We had a spectacular Canada Day!

Small town parades are a hoot, especially in Faro. It was made up of all the emergency vehicles in town, a few vehicles and a heap of kids on bikes. Hunter loved the sirens and just stood there with his mouth wide open watching them go by. Next year I think we will deck out the quads and join in.

Hunter watching the firetruck:

The rest of the day we spent eating. Or at least it felt like that! There was a free community bbq at lunch time with hotdogs, fruit and cake. Then we came home to nap for three hours. After our nap we got up and headed out for the free supper bbq of bison burgers, salads and ice cream! Canada Day is also the start of the five day 40th Anniversary of Faro celebrations. There are a lot of past Faroites in town to celebrate along with tourists taking in the festivities. The rain did come down for a while, but it didn't dampen any spirits.

All the boys were easy to put to sleep tonight (including Matt!), so I am enjoying a quiet house.