Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fall Goodies

Today I am making some fall goodies in the kitchen. My beautiful tomato plants yielded 12 cups of finely diced green tomatoes that are being turned into Chow in the kitchen as we speak. My mother-in-laws recipe and it is my first time trying it, so I will let you all know how it turns out.

After supper yesterday we went in search of cranberries, but instead I ended up picked 7 cups of rose hips. They are on the stove in the process of become a puree and to later become rose hip and rhubarb jelly. Yum!

Pictures to follow!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

7 weeks!

Hurray! Just finished week number 7 of being pregnant! So far everything is going fine other than then throwing up.

I am having heaps of fun trying to find a baby boy name. Thanks for all of the suggestions everyone!! I wish Matt would like Fisher as much as me, but sadly he still hates it. Good thing we still have over 30 weeks left. I am sure it is going to take us that long to decide on a name. Or if the ultrasound tells us we are having a girl, then all is fine since we have had a girls name picked out for years.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Quick trip to town

Have I mentioned how much I love having a road? We drove into Whitehorse yesterday afternoon after Matt and the town garage fixed our flat tire. Evil nail. It was a busy trip and I was back here in Faro by early afternoon today. In that short time we:
- bought me a used treadmill (now I don't have to barf in public as much)
- of course went shopping at walmart
- went to Matt's favorite: Home Hardware
- took booties into Midnight Sun Gallery (they had ordered six pairs and ordered 4 pairs of my toddler booties!)
- had physicals for our life insurance (Matt was offered two different nursing jobs by the guy doing the physicals; nice to know if we ever move to Whitehorse there are lots of jobs waiting)
- ate KFC (why oh why do I do that to myself)
- slept a little
- dropped off booties to Jade who seemed to like them!
- went to the camper place to learn how to winterize my camper
- picked up the work vehicle Matt will be driving (he is just happy it has a cd player)
- ate McDonalds for breakfast (mmmmmmmmm... and I didn't even ralph it up later)
- bought some fabric and thingys from the sewing store
- went grocery shopping
- got diesel for truck and jerry cans

Holy crud talk about busy! But I forgot to buy myself a little space heater for our chilly downstairs. I have been moving my office and sewing stuff downstairs, but man alive it is cold down there.... and I am still scared of the zombies. So the serger and sewing machine will be living on the kitchen table for a while longer.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Toddler Booties!

I have just finished my first pair of booties for "bigger" kids. These ones were made for Jade and I sure hope they fit. I took all of her measurements when I was in Whitehorse in the spring and they look pretty good! So Jade is going to be my guinea pig to see how these stand up to use by a toddler. I had only made small sizes up to now for kids that aren't really walking yet. I also did these out of a canvas. I was able to use the serger on some seams, but some parts were too thick. I would do them a little differently next time so more edges were serged. I broke one of the serger needles- so the liners will have to wait until tomorrow to be completed.

The store that sells my booties in Whitehorse, Midnight Sun Gallery, has been asking me for bigger sizes. I am going to show these off there before delivering them to Jade. They placed an order for 6 more pairs that I have to drop off this week.

Matt is off in Ross River working until tomorrow. I hate being alone in a dark house! And it looks like he will be gone a bunch this fall. The first two weeks of September and 20 days in October to Pelly Crossing. That is about three hours northwest of here. I am not too happy about it, but ah well! We can go with him when we want, and we can even travel in his government vehicle with him. I really don't mind being by myself, but with being sick while pregnant, I am worried I will just get exhausted. But Matt said if I am pooped, just hire a sitter and a housekeeper! I think I will fake sick to ensure that I get the housekeeper! My house is usually really clean, but I hate washing the floors and I feel pretty sick after cleaning the bathroom while pregnant.

And speaking of pregnant- I think I am in my seventh week. If this is like last time, all hell will hit in another week or so. I have been throwing up a little and making yaking/ralping noises when I get winded or sit/stand to quickly. My husband hates the word yak and I love it. But we both agree that I sound more like a ralph when I am sick!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Names

Discussing baby names with Matt this weekend:

Me: How about Leaf? (for some reason I am on an outdoor kick with boy name ideas)

Matt: Hello little boy what is your name?

Matt (in dorky voice): Seasonal Tree Appendage

What a dork.

Send your boy name ideas our way: ___________ Edward Went.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Boy of Course

From a few weeks ago when we had a day without rain. Doesn't happen often here in the Yukon! This is his crab pool from Nanny and Poppy.

Hunter loved his cousins tricycle so much we bought him one at Walmart. He cannot reach the pedals yet, so instead he pushes it around and fills up the "trunk" with items like tomato paste.

And a friend suggested buying markers.... I don't know about this.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Disgusting Toothbrush Adventures

I bought new toothbrushes and set them out in the bathroom. The nice red one I had been using for the last few months was handed to the boy to play with while I had a shower. He chewed on it for a while and then seemed to scrub the whole bathroom floor with it. Then the cat came over and Hunter tried to brush her teeth. After my shower I took the entertaining toothbrush from him and dropped it in the garbage can in the bathroom.

Later that day as I am doing laundry Hunter makes a beeline for open bathroom door. I finish what I am doing and then go and check on him. There he is with the red toothbrush stirring the toilet water. I grab the boy as the phone rings and set the toothbrush on the edge of the bathroom sink.

Next morning what do I do?? Grab the same red toothbrush I have been using for the last few months to brush my teeth. It was until I bent over to spit and saw my nice new purple toothbrush sitting there did I realize what I had done.

Absolutely disgusting.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wee-Spawn: The Sequel

For anyone who has been reading our blog for the last two years, this should be an easy one!

We are pregnant again!! I am just six weeks along and should be due around the middle of April.

It took us almost a year to get pregnant with Hunter, but this time around it only took four months of trying. As many of you recall, I was extremely sick during the whole pregnancy with Hunter. Starting around 7 or 8 weeks, the nausea seemed to take over my life! It wasn't just morning sickness, it was all-day sickness that lasted the whole nine months and throughout my labour. I had to be put on medication for it, which reduced the vomiting down to 2-4 times a day. Prior to starting the medication I could barely drink anything and eating was out of the question. And of course, just my luck, the nausea is back again! I have already lost one supper and have looked like a nard while retching in a few parking lots around town.

I am also hoping for a better labour this time around! Last time it was very long and I had some bad hemorrhaging. The doctors in Edmonton advised me that when I had baby number two to walk into the hospital and say this: "Hi, name is Kara and I am a bleeder. Please start my epidural now."

So please send us your happy thoughts and prayers for this pregnancy!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Sadly, my husband has decided that we should not post the videos of the squirrel catching event. Very sad because they are so damn funny. He is worried that there might be some serious squirrel lovers out there that will come and fire bomb our house, even though no squirrels were harmed in this bit of redneck fun.

But I will give you one picture of my brother and his squirrel trap. This is nothing compared to what we would do as children:

Trip to Liard- minus the squirrel

Here are pictures of our weekend to Laird Hotsprings. I forgot to bring my camera to the springs with us, so I am waiting for my sister in law to send me pictures of that. And I will make a whole separate entry on the squirrel trapping...

What mom?? I can't have this??

Hunter falling in love with Damons tricycle:

But I don't want him to come!!

Happy dad and uncle:

Ohhhh Uncle Travis has a big truck!

There was this crazy ass group of fire twirlers, fabric climbers and just plain odd people. They put on a show....

Damon showing Hunter how it is done:

Travis cooking breakfast on his amazing grill!

Boys happier in the wagon!

Like father, like son:

Crazy boy:

Kisses for mom:

Corrienne and Damon trying out the slide:

Matt and Hunter playing on the tire swing:

This sow had two cubs with her about 5 minutes up the road from the springs:

Monday, August 18, 2008

Long Weekend!

It was a long weekend here in the Yukon and we had a blast! Matt got Friday afternoon off of work and we drove south on the Robert Campbell highway. The road isn't driven by many people as it is a gravel goat trail most of the way. It is our second time driving it and we love the road. We met up with my brother, his wife and their son at Laird Hotsprings for the weekend. The boys played, my brother trapped squirrels in the toy bin (video to follow this week), I picked cranberries, we ate heaps of good food, and of course we enjoyed the springs.

On Sunday we drove the highway to Whitehorse and this morning we shopped our little hearts out at Canadian Tire, Walmart and Superstore. Glad they were open on the holiday! Then we drove home this afternoon. So 1700km in three days, with a 14 month old, was just fine! Hunter travels like a dream most of the time and even slept well.

I will find the camera cord this week and upload some cute pics of the boys playing together. I love that we now live within driving distance of family.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tanks Joey!

Deer Joey

Tank super much for doe's jamiez! Now dat you maded me a spidey super heroz, I tink I iz gunna makes me a web to flies thru da air to vizit you. My daddy sayz he wikes his job here so we cant move. But i tinkz next summerz we will vizit!

Yur Buddy

Complaint to CKRW I emailed today.


I listen to this radio station everyday while I am puttering around the house. Today I am very disappointed to hear this countdown of countries of the least/most beautiful women. Do you have any idea how many young girls are listening to this station? Ever wonder if it is comments like this that might be contributing to self-esteem problems of these young girls? Who are you to decide what is beauty? I am sure you having a number of other topics you could cover that do not involve sexist comments like these. Or better yet, just don't talk for those few minutes and play some music!

Kara in Faro

ps. if you guys play that Bryan Adams song with the Spice Girl again this week I am going to listen to the CBC instead! Please don't make me switch!

Helper Baby

Last night I was making banana bread after supper and someone wanted to help! He even has his own whisk.

My Honey

Now your probably think this post would be about my husband.... Nope. It is really about honey!

A guy drove through Faro a few days ago selling honey and I bought two of these tubs. Oh so yummy! Seriously- I have been eating it off of a spoon.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I guess baby Hunter isn't so baby anymore! If we give him food in small chunks he refuses to eat it. If we give him the whole item, he pulls it apart himself and scarfs it. Here he is with his big pieces of banana!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Up To No Good....

Me: Hunter what are you doing under there?

Tulugak: Nofing mama.

Me: Uh huh. Then why do you have a spoon in the dirt?

Tulugak: I's hewping to air-rate da dirts mama.

Me: Hmmmm... then why are you using the spoon to eat the dirt?

Tulugak: Dammet. Foiwled agained.

From Aida

Aida the amazing seamstress from Arviat sent Hunter a wonderful little care package last week. My favorite is a little red shirt with an bulldog on the front. However, before I could get a picture of that, the shirt was so dirty I put it in the wash!! Here he is in some of his new duds!

New soccer shirt and baby legs!

Nifty bib! We got two of these:

Pajama pants!

Thanks Aida!! Hope you enjoy the parcel we sent up to you!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Strollers and Guns

I think I found the perfect solution for carrying my berry-picking-bear-gun and my baby at the same time. I am pretty sure he would fit into the second option quite nicely.

What I have:

What I should have gotten instead:

Brought to you by:
Kara: Redneck and Proud since 1979.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Small world yet again right Clare?

Hey Clare,

I know you are taking a break from blogging and facebook, but I am hoping you still spy in on blogs from time to time. Your Uncle came through Faro! He left us a note at the restaurant! Next time, tell Frank to stop in and say hi! What a great small world this is.

So much fun this week!!

This week was amazing! Friends of mine that I have known since high school were here visiting since Tuesday evening. There was:
Lana- we have been friends since I was in grade 9. We did a few years at the same University. She is now working on her PhD in fish toxicology (I think). She was up here for some sort of conference and took some vacation time with it. Haven't seen her in one year.

Kristen- went to middle school, high school and University together. She is best friends with Lana and actually just lives in Marsh Lake, YT. Very cool woman. Haven't seen her in about 6 years.

Lesley- friends since grade 7 or 8. We were also in girl guides together. Spent many nights camping and travelling together. She is working on Masters in rocks... or dirt... or something like that! She was up here this summer doing field work. Other than this summer, haven't seen her in 5 years.

So all three hopped in Kristen vehicle and drove out here for the week. We had a blast! The weather was shitty though, and when it wasn't raining, the mosquitoes were eating you alive. So we did some driving tours of the area, watched movies, did some crafts (will take pictures of them later), ate heaps of good food, chatted chatted and chatted some more, and played with Hunter.

They brought us kiwis, but they were so ripe we tried out Yukon Chatterbugs recipe for kiwi sauce. Hunter loved it!

Showing off his diaper escaping abilities:

Matt and the cats took the opportunity to catch up on their naps:

Hunter helped me make lasagna in anticipation of their arrival:

Lana, Lesley, Hunter, Me and Kristen:

We decided to make chocolate truffles, a Christmas treat, in the middle of summer:

Lesley relaxing in Hunters chair:

Hunter showing off his too-big parka:

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Playing with Dad

Matt comes home everyday for lunch and some quality Hunter time!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Beautiful Weekend on the South Canol

We had such a wonderful weekend out camping. The weather was amazing! The sun was shining and it was about +18C most of the time; not too hot and not too cold. The side road we had wanted to take is in pretty bad shape, so we will have to try it out next year when we replace the quads. So we went to Rose Lake the first night. There are a few unmaintained campsites there. Hunter was so excited to be out camping that it took a few hours to get him to sleep. I finally ended up packing him to settle him down.

Hunter was up at the butt-crack of dawn- just before 6. So him and dad played in the camper and I went fishing. I love fishing. I seriously love it- but the fish don't love me. I have the worst luck and that didn't change this weekend. A guy fishing beside me with his fly rod was catching heaps of fish, so I guess it is time to learn how to use mine. After a breakfast of side pork and pancakes we drove further down the South Canol Road and found a nice pull out along the Rose River. We were all a little tired so we had a great family nap before lunch. I did some more fishing there with no luck.

We drove back the way we can to the Lapie River for our second night. There were about 4 unmaintained campsites where we were at- but we were the only ones there. We had a fun evening playing by the fire, me still trying to catch fish, eating supper, and more playing by the fire. Hunter went to sleep a bit easier but still later, I think it was around 9 when he went to sleep. The fresh air must have gotten to all of us and we slept until 8am on Sunday. Had a yummy breakfast of french toast and sausages and I tried fishing again while Matt and Hunter played in the sand and packed up.

We drove into Ross River to have lunch, pick up some groceries and fill up the truck. Then back to Faro to relax for the afternoon. The scenery on the South Canol Road is second to none. That is the most beautiful drive we have ever taken and can't wait to drive the whole road. Enjoy the pictures!

Us set up on the Lapie River:

He has so many bug bites I was calling him Mr. Lumpy today:

Enjoying mommy time:

The Lapie River:

Lapie River Canyon:

Our kid loves the truck!

The road gets pretty narrow at times, but it was pretty well maintained. I would not recommend taking a car down here though:

There are so many rivers and creeks and in this one was a vehicle!

Of course his favorite book had to come with us:

I bet we read this book 20 times over the weekend:

Hunter and me at Rose Lake:

Playing in the water

He escaped mid-diaper change and decided he was going to drive instead:

Fishing on the Rose River:

Matt and Hunter taking in the view:

Amazing scenery:

More amazing scenery:

Rose Lake:

Eating breakfast- Hunter loves his pancakes!

Playing by the water:

More scenery:

Putting Hunter to sleep in my amouti:

Little hand prints on the camper window:

Driving with dad:

The sun coming over the hills at Rose Lake: