Monday, April 28, 2008

And we're off again!

Tonight we are starting the drive down south to go and pick up our camper! I am so excited to have a camper. It will make for a really nice summer.

We are leaving tonight when Matt is done work. He is doing some casual work for the health centre here. We are going to drive the South Campbell highway (errr goat trail??) to Watson Lake. We are towing our nice quad trailer and are going to sleep in that tonight. Then we will drive down to my folks place on Tuesday. It should be a nice drive and hopefully the boy isn't too grumpy during the drive.

We are picking up the camper, buying some supplies for it and some yard work stuff. Matt has a nice list of things like rakes and shovels so we can work on our yard. Still hard to believe I have a real yard with tress and grass. Pretty exciting stuff! Then we are driving back up on the weekend. We are going to visit with my brother in Fort Nelson and see how big my nephew is! Then off to Liard Hotsprings to camp for a night. And finally home again.

Matt isn't booked to work again until the 20th, so we will have lots of time to work on our yard and hopefully get another camping weekend in.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Granny Convention 2008

Hunter (and us) just spent the last week being spoiled! Grandma Hunter and Nanny Gillis spent the last week here in Faro to visit with baby Hunter (and help with some house stuff too!) Nanny Gillis flew into Grande Prairie, AB and Grandma Hunter picked her up and they drove the 1500km (each way!) for a visit. It was awesome having them here. Matt's mom hadn't seen Hunter since August and was in her glory the whole time. We had spent a month at my moms house after Christmas, so my mom got less holding of baby and more holding of a paint brush! My mom spoiled us with her amazing cooking and Matt's mom made us some great nacho dips. What a fun week!

Granny Hunter teaching baby Hunter to make a mess:

Granny Hunter brought him a rocking moose and he loves it!

They were both very bad grannies. Here is Hunter eating a cheesy that they gave him! One of many!

Hunter and his Nanny:

Hunter and his Granny:

My moms vehicle packed for the trip!

They even towed our boat up here for us!

His Nanny brought him a bubble lawn mower!

Nanny happy as a pig in shit:

Our housewarming gift from Matt's folks! My folks gave us painting supplies and a sewing table for me!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My child goes to sleep by Metallica....

Yes... It is true. I put my son to sleep with Metallica on his little blue stereo. My husband thinks it is great. Me.... well I prefer it when he goes to sleep listening to Green Day.

Another installment of Must Have Baby Items!

Rockabye Baby Albums! It is your favorite rock music turned into lullabies. You can buy the cd's from Chapters or Amazon and you can download them at itunes. So far we have Metallica, AC/DC and Green Day. Next to purchase is my favorite- the Ramones! On the Amazon website (I think it is that site) you can listen to clips of the music. It is great!

These are perfect for parents like me, who if they have to sing another round of You Are My Sunshine, are going to snap!

Go here for more info and to see the nifty selection.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A couple of things and some booties!

The boy is much better today! After a weekend filled with diarrhea and vomit, it looks like things are back to normal.

I picked up a new sewing machine on the other week and have been making booties! They are turning out pretty good and it looks like a few stores want to sell them. Since we have no tv, it is nice to have something to do in the evening once Hunter has gone to bed. Here are some of them:

And for Indigo! It is a Jysk cabinet. There are three of them. Two small and one double one. They are very nice for the cheap price you pay for them.

The other night I put Hunter to sleep. I heard him cry a little, then talk to himself, and then it sounded like he was having too much fun. So I had to go in a take a peek. This is how I found him! And he was grabbing onto his change pad and pushing it around. What a goof. He was so proud of himself!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sick Boy

It is almost 2am and I have been dealing with a sick little boy! The poor kid has had a bad case of diarrhea for the last two days. He seems fine with it- still lively, happy and sleeping well. Although, he won't eat much solid food. It is that horrible kind of poo.... the kind that seeps out everywhere.... like into the carpet, bedding, pajamas of me and him.... I feel so bad for him! He just woke up pooing and puking. Matt is home so he helped me clean him up. I gave him another bottle and now he is back in bed. I am just sitting up to see if he will stay down. I sure hope this passes soon. Hunter has only been sick a couple of times since he was born. He had two very short colds back in Kugluktuk and nothing since. Well it sounds like he fell right back asleep! So I go and kick the cat out of my side of the bed and get back to sleep as well. Night folks!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Small World

We are always reminded at how small of a world it is! And we seem to be find neat connections wherever we go.

We drove down a road to see what was down there. And we lucked out- friendly people lived at the end! And the man who lived there had just finished reading a book about the Coppermine (our last home). So we will be going back and showing pictures of our last few years up in the Arctic.

Matt is in Whitehorse this week doing an orientation so he can do casual work here in the Yukon as well. Today he was talking with a woman whose husband just turned down a job with Parks in Kugluktuk and instead took a job in Whitehorse.

I like little things like that. I love talking to people and those little connections really bring out the friendliness in people.

Monday, April 7, 2008

New Favorite Baby Item

I have found some really great baby products. This is one of my favorites!

Here is Hunter chewing on his food soother:

The little gadget screws together and even locks. The base is freezable so you can keep food chilled:

You shove food into it and then baby can chew away without choking. Here it is with cantaloupe in it:

Screwed together:

I found this thing at toys'r'us. They don't have the same one available on-line, but it looks similar.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Those Damn Cats...

We have bad cats. They are really bad.

A couple of nights ago Tweak, the grey one, knocked a glass off of the counter. Scared the shit out of me.

Freak, the white one, is in love with Hunters crib and change pad.

They are both in deep, deep shit for what they did a few weeks ago. I went to Edmonton for a wedding and they were home alone. They took the opportunity to tell us how mad they were by shitting and pissing in my Canada Goose parka. They didn't use the litter box all weekend. I was ready to have some nice white and grey mittens after that.

Tweak got into the hamburger thawing on the counter yesterday and feasted.

They are both clawing up my nice area rug in the living room.

Tweak seems to enjoy yowling at night after we go to sleep.

Freak loves my side of the bed and leaves kitty litter in it. She also likes to wake me up at 2 in the morning by putting her little kitty litter paws on my cheeks and gently poking her claws into me.

These poor little kittens are going to be turned into mittens before anyone can find them!

Tweak loves Hunters toys almost as much as he does:

Freak wouldn't move out of the crib when we put Hunter in. She took flying lessons after this picture:

Snack time:

Little Man Update

Still no crawling!!! Hunter is driving us mad. He tries so hard to crawl, but then just gets mad and squawks loudly. He can go all around the place pushing himself backwards, but nothing forward yet.

Feeding time is also interesting as he thinks he can do it all on his own now. What a mess! This is when I wished I owned a dog that would just come over and lick the floor clean. Cats are useless in that area.

Matt has been home for the last few weeks and it has been so nice to have him around. Hunter has loved his daddy time, especially for baths!

Nothing much else new with the little guy other than tooth number 7 is through and number 8 should be in soon. So instead of me rambling, here are pictures of him!

He can get himself up on hands/knees and hands/feet, but not much for movement yet:

Look Ma! No hands! The boy is standing holding on to everything now.

Mommy, leave me along with that damn camera.

Elmer Fudd (the boy, not Matt)

Hunter, not overly impressed that I took him outside in his Elmer Fudd outfit:

Right up until last week I was able to pack him, but it is too warm here now

Veggin' with dad

He loves his horse!!

Enjoying the snow while it lasts

Mmmmm... toy

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

That Damn Bear.

I have reoccurring bear dreams. I get them at least once a month and have had for years. I cannot tell you how many times I have had a grizzly chewing on my head. It is just after midnight and I have just had another that scared me awake so bad I doubt I will be asleep any time soon.

So this one....

I am asleep with my husband in bed. But instead of being in our house, we are in a bit of "redneck special" trailer; it is long, narrow and really old. While I am in bed, I start to have a panic attack about a bear (of course a huge grizzly) outside the trailer. The panic attack is so overwhelming my whole body is shaking. Throughout the panic attack I am trying to tell my husband that we need to get bars put on the outside of all of the windows. He tells me I am crazy and to go back to sleep. Just when I fall asleep he leaps out of bed, pulls the blankets off, and when I look at him he has my 12 gauge shotgun in hand telling me to get up!! The bear got in! Well I was so scared in the dream I woke up scared shitless.

I guess the boy could sense that because he woke up a second later squealing looking for a snack.

So dreams specialists out there.... tell me how messed up I am. Or how to make the bears go away. I have had a few bear encounters in real life, but none of them tried to eat me.

Oh yes. And there was background music during this dream. I could hear Pearl Jam's song "Lay down your ar ar arms... and surrender to meee". Hmmm perhaps the bear was singing to me.