Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hotspring Happiness!

We spent five days away for Easter at Laird Hotsprings and it was bliss!  We camped with my parents, my grandfather who flew up from Vancouver Island, my brother with his wife and three sons, and my sister-in-law's parents, her brother, and also for a the day her sister with her husband and three kids.  Whew!  That was a few people!

The four little boys spent the weekend building fires, using hatches and machetes, biking, swimming, trying to trap squirrels, and just the general mischief that boys playing outside get up to.

I spent the weekend cuddling my newest nephew.  I was perfectly content!

It was a long drive to get there.  We took the Robert Campbell highway south to Watson Lake and then the Alaska Highway to the hotsprings; that is about 700km.  On the way home, we stayed on the Alaska Highway since we needed to do some shopping in Whitehorse and that trip is 1000km.  The boys traveled well and they didn't puke once thanks to gravol!

Lots of great photos from the weekend to share.

The four boys unleashing on the snow with hatches and machetes.

Heading to the hotsprings.

Each boy insisted on building his own fire.

My nephew and the stack of wood he cut himself.  He is 5.

And my little man turned five! 

Four Generations!

All the menfolk!

My 86 year old grandfather and my six week old nephew.

Life is rough camping with my brother!  He cooked up this huge prime rib roast!

Very tired boys each night!

Lots of bison to see on the highway.

Little log leapers!

So happy to be playing in the water!

Liard Hotsprings.

Checking out the waterfall.

We are cute!

This was what I did almost the entire weekend.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Trying To Capture The Easter Bunny

This year we spent Easter camping with my family down at Liard Hotsprings in Northern BC.  A highlight of the weekend for me was the boys' attempt to trap the Easter Bunny.

They took the trap they had set up all weekend that was supposed to catch squirrels.  Then they put carrots in it instead of the cheezies/chips/peanuts combo that had been in there most of the weekend.  They went to sleep dreaming of catching the Easter Bunny!

The carrots were taken and replaced with a large stuffed bunny and a note that told them to try harder next year!  Watching the boys sneak up to the rubbermaid (they had a plan- Hunter would lift it up and Cavan would nab the Bunny in his squirrel catching net if it tried to run away) was priceless.  

The trap has been set!

The Easter Bunny loves carrots!

All ready to catch the Bunny!

What the??

Hunter reading us the note.

Hunter's face says it all!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Crafty and Busy!

Spring is here and we are enjoying it immensely! 

The kids play outside every day with a large group of their friends.  Sleds are flying down the icy hills and all are enjoying the giant snow hill for a while longer.  I have been lounging in the sun on the back deck with friends- the freckles are coming out in full force now!

And I have been back at the crafting!  I didn't do much with my hobby since last summer.  All of my spare time was spent getting ready for my surgery (exercising and prepping meals to make my life easier upon my return), then there was my surgery and recovery.  Finally I am feel nearly back to my crafty self and I am loving it!

In the last week I made six pairs of baby booties, two pairs of baby mittens, three pairs of earmuffs, and am working on a pair of ladies mittens right now.  It feels so great to be back at it!  Plus, tourist season is right around the corner!  My crafts sell really well here in town, both to locals and tourists.  My goal this summer is to save enough from crafting to do the usual of replace my supplies (and buy a few more), but also to put away money to go towards the supplies I need to build a greenhouse for next summer!
A few of the afternoon crew!

A bunch of booties!

Earmuffs!  Lynx, Arctic Fox, Fox

Baby mittens!  These were a custom order this week.