Monday, June 30, 2008

Look Ma!


And no pants either! The kid hates pants, sock and hats. Perhaps a nudist one day?

Birthday Party Fun!

Hunter and another little girl here in town turned one within four days of each other. So we had a joint birthday party. We were going to all head out to a nice little lake just out of town, but rainy weather kept us here. The day before I baked a whole bunch of cupcakes and had some kids over to decorate them. I took lots of pictures and when I went to show Matt them, I realized the card wasn't in the camera! I was a little bummed since I knew I had some really neat shots of the kids decorating with such focus!

We had a few families over to the house and just let the kids play and then eat hotdogs, and finally birthday cupcakes. Hunter was in love with his and it was most sugar the kid has ever had! He sure did crash later that afternoon. Of course people did not listen to the no gifts request and the neatest present was from the family of the girl who babysits Hunter a lot. It is a stuffed teddy bear with a multicolour suit on. They wrote a story, typed it up, and drew pictures to go with it as this neat little book for Hunter. So creative!

So adorable!

The neat Happy Birthday candles thanks to Nanny!

The cupcakes decorated by the kids:

Having a lunch date with his girlfriend:

I think my kid was more excited by the flame than anything else! Bet he will be a pyro just like his mom!

Mmmmmm cake!

Josie loved her cake as well!

Oh mama, I am so tired after all that excitement!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Hunter!

Our little man turned 1 today! What an amazing year. We didn't do anything for his birthday today other than shower him with probably twice the amount of kisses and break out a couple new toys. On the weekend we are doing a wienee roast at a little lake outside of town.

We feel so blessed to have this outgoing, friendly, early rising, kissable little guy in our lives. He has re-charged our batteries and makes us see the world in such a different way.

Now it hasn't been without its ups and downs! More downs from falling out trucks, off beds and sofas than anything else. We are both cut out to be parents and I think we are doing a good job.

So at age 1 our little man can/is/has:
- crawl faster than the speed of sound
- dip his fingers into the toilet
- climb onto the ledge in front of the fire place (and also fall off)
- tell the sound of our truck pulling in the yard
- eat rocks with glee
- travelled in three territories and two provinces
- been on nearly 20 flights
- 8 teeth
- loves yogurt, meat of any kind, peas, water, arrowroots, bananas, pita bread
- thinks he is part cat
- only peed on mom 3 times
- give dad a wet willy
- drive his van full of woman around
- drink from a straw
- draw in any woman with just a quick look
- walk with and bit of help from mom or dad
- get into mischief at a moments notice!

We love him so much. I am sure this next year will be just as entertaining!

With Dad in Haines Junction, Yukon:

Oohhhh so many rocks to eat and so little time!

He finally doesn't mind his car seat! He loves looking out the window.

Kisses from mom along the Alaska Highway:

He has survived his first year with us as parents. The kid deserves an award!

And I guess I should have turned this picture before uploading it! Ah well! Bum in the air. Too cute:

Loving the swing:

Using a straw at a restaurant in Whitehorse:

Peace Out My Fans!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Spectacular News!

And some great news to pass on to everyone.

Matt had his interview for the permanent float position in Faro on Friday morning. They called back that afternoon and offered him the position! Hurray!! So he will still have to travel for the job if another community in our area is short a nurse, but he is based out of Faro.

We are all very excited and he starts on Friday. He was booked there all summer anyways, so easy enough to just sign the papers and make it all official.


It's a small world....

after all..... It's a small world after all....

Seriously. It is.

I walk into the visitors centre here in Haines Junction and a woman there working for parks Canada walks up to me and Hunter and says "I know you. Yep, I know you and your son. How do I know you. I know you." Well she placed us after a few minutes of thinking. She had read our blog a few times!! It was Heather from Gone to the Dogs. She is my hero- lives off the grid, outdoor plumbing, and has twin girls. Now, the ooddls of sled dogs I don't know about... :) But she was a riot and I wished it wasn't such a busy weekend here so we could have chatted more.

Watching the bike race get going and this woman walks by. This time it is me going "Hey! I know you!". Well it was the pediatrician that came up to Kugluktuk from time to time.

Nurse here in Haines Junction was from BC and lived just down the road from a close friend of mine (thats you Leanne soon to be Stokes).

Crazy stuff.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh yes...

Forgot something!

I just wanted to share another klutzy moment by Kara.

On Friday Matt had just left for work and Hunter flipped over the water dish. I have this neat swiffer thing that has reusable pad and they soak up enormous amounts of water. So over I go (this happens often) and soak up the water. After I was done, I put the swiffer gadget away beside the washing machine. I pushed the handle in, and at the same time bent down to pick something up off of the floor. Well the handle fell out and the exact time I bent down and the end of the handle jabbed my left eye socket. It hurt so bad I was seeing stars (could have been the jab to eye too!) and I couldn't see out of that eye. So I called Matt home from work- hurray for having a husband who is a nurse. I think I really lucked out- the end of the handle ended up hitting more the bone above and to the inside of my eye. It is still quite sore to touch. I thought it was really going to bruise up, but it only got a little puffy. My vision was a bit blurry out of that eye for a few hours, but then cleared right up. I always worry about hitting my eyes since I got the laser surgery a couple of years ago.

So there you go folks- another amazing klutzy moment in my life!

Holiday Update

Hello All!

We are already in Whitehorse after a quick trip to Dawson City. We drove to Carmacks on Friday evening and had a nice night there. Ran into one of the RCMP's wife from Faro and had a good chat. The next morning we drove up to Dawson City. We only stayed the one night. The two days on either side were enough for us to get our fill of tourist-y stuff. We found it to be a very expensive place to visit if you want to take in all of the tours. The one thing we wanted to do wasn't running- a river ride on a small paddle wheeler. We were so bummed!! We walked around town and enjoyed looking at all of the old homes and buildings. Hunter waved to everyone and had his first frozen yogurt.

Last night we drove a bit south down to Moose Creek Campground. Would highly recommend it! It is a government campground and was clean, quiet and had a nice walking trail. If you live in the Yukon you can buy a pass for the government campgrounds for a mere $50 for the whole summer. It is normally $12 a night, so it is a real steal for avid campers like us.

We drove into Whitehorse today and took Hunter to the Canada Games Centre. What a blast!! We went to the public swim and the pool is great. It has a nice shallow area for him to play in; lots of mats and balls; and the best was this little river that pushes you along. Hunter kicked all along the river run. He also liked this little slid that we sent him down. He probably drank enough water to last 4 days if he was a camel.

We then went to check out Riverside Grocery- or I think that is the name. Awesome store! I think it has everything and more. Found some nice cookies for Hunter there. I will go back when we come through Whitehorse next week on our way home.

Just before we went to supper (settled on Vietnamese), I was on the phone talking to woman who lives here in town. She has a great blog and we were going to meet up next week. Well I ended up sounding like a complete dough head on the phone because soon after I started talking (pay phone in a parking lot next to busy road with a car alarm going off as well), a friend that I hadn't seen in 5 years (since my wedding) yells out my name and comes over. I knew she was up here and we were going to get together on Wednesday, but perfect timing she finds us there randomly. Well I completely lose track of whatever I was saying on the phone and probably sounded like the biggest dork in the world.

Now I am vegging on my bed in the camper. Hunter went to sleep about 7 and it is super windy outside. I am going to edit some more work here in a few minutes. Sure is nice finding out your campground has free wireless!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


After living in a fly-in-only community for the last two and a half years, we are in love with the roads in the Yukon! Matt has a bit of time off so we are off to explore.

Tomorrow we are leaving Faro and headed to Carmacks for the night. If you are ever there, stop at the Coal Mine Campground for a burger and milkshake. A bit pricey, but worth it! Then we are heading up to Dawson City until Tuesday. Next, back down to Whitehorse for some appointments. Then Matt was asked to come and be an extra nurse for the weekend in Haines Junction. I guess there is a big cycling race there- something like 1400 competitors will be taking part!! Good bets Matt will get to see a lot of road rash. So we are in Haines Junction from the 19th to the 23rd. Then back to Whitehorse for shopping and hair cuts. Hurray! My hair is getting pretty crazy. And finally back to Faro on the 25th which happens to be Hunters first birthday! I also have about 20 pairs of booties to take to the stores to be sold. Hope they go quick!

Today I am packing the camper and cleaning the house. How does a house get so full of cat hair, cheerios and dust so quickly?

Here I am almost this exact same time last year. What an amazing year!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Ferst Twip to da Poowl

It were my ferst twip to da poowl. I don't tink it waz all mummy said it wud be. I were cold and my nuts nearwly turned to peas.

Oh mum, do I weally have to do dis?

Qwit teazing me. Eider in or out.

Soooo bored....

Dad! Come save me and my nuts! Yous a man! You understand!

I tink I will take a nap:

Well hello bootiful! Mum you din't tell me der was gurls here!

Oh mum. Don't humiweate me in front of da gurl.

Hmmm dis don't wook good. What are dey pwanning?

gurgle gurgle gurgle...


Maybe if I put mine finger in mine mouf I will barf and den dey has to take me out!

Monday, June 9, 2008

A Fun Weekend!

We had such a busy end to last week! First we went to a teacher's end of year bbq. Very entertaining! Saturday I worked in the morning and Matt was on call, so we had a sitter over for Hunter. That afternoon we went down to check out the pool which has just opened. It looks great! For $155 we get a pass to cover any public/family/lane swimming, aquafit, and parent/tot. I think that is a good deal for the whole summer. After that we went to a community bbq and got to know more people in Faro. Sunday morning we participated in Community Planting Day. Volunteers come out to plant all of the flower gardens around Faro. Matt mainly just entertained Hunter while I got to play in the dirt. Sunday afternoon I worked at the school science lab and Matt worked in the yard. He got Hunter's swing set put together- we just have to dig post holes for it and attach the swings. Tonight is going to be our first moms and tots session at the pool!

Damn dirt!

I love the dirt!! You should have seen my feet!

Walking on a path through town:

Hunter checking out the pool.... or maybe the little girl...

People watching at the visitors centre:

Planting the flowers!

I wish I had taken a picture just a bit earlier. Hunter had put a huge clump of dirt in his mouth and he was quickly pulling it all out.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Booties for Sale?

If anyone out there is interested in my booties, please email me at:

kara underscore went at hotmail dot com

I am really enjoying making these and if it turned into a little business on the side I would love it. Right now I just make one size that is about a 6-12 month kind of fit. But I have had a few people ask for pairs for older kids, so I am going to measure up a few and try and make a few different sizes.

I make them from a variety of materials. The plain leather ones are from Elk, and the coloured are cowhide. I can use any kind of fabric, but I really love the camo ones! The fur is beaver which is pretty pricey, well any kind of fur is pricey nowadays. And I also have some nice trim that I use too. They have a removable fleece liner. I found it easier to put the fleece liner on the kids foot first and then put the bootie on rather than have it all one piece.

For the size that I make they range in price from $45 a pair to $65 a pair. Bigger ones would of course cost a more due to use of material. But they would be cheap to ship. I think a little express post envelope is about $11 to anywhere in Canada. Now the stores in Whitehorse are going to double my price to sell to tourists! Hurray for rich tourists I guess.

Thanks for asking Dylan's mom! Email anytime and thanks for visiting my site!


I have had a couple of people ask about Hunter and teething!

Well my boy seems to sprout teeth quicker than most. He has had his front 8 teeth for about 3 months already. I have never been around kids when they are teething and Hunter is our first, so I really have nothing to compare it to. He did seem pretty pissy when they were all coming through, and they all happened very quickly. The first 4 came in around Christmas I think. I will check his baby book tomorrow and see (of course it is in his room and he is sleeping!). And the other 4 seems to sprout up at the same time as well. Baby tyelenol helped him get through the night, and during waking hours he would chew on anything he could find- especially me! I stopped breastfeeding when the top teeth came through. I couldn't get him to stop bitting. I called breast feeding consultants, La Leche League woman, and nothing helped. So we went to bottles and formula between 7 and 8 months.

Hunter has a big lump in his bottom right jaw, so I think some of his molars are right there just waiting to make an appearance. He seems to have days when his gums really bother him- he puts in something like a rice cake which he normally loves and will cry when he tries to chew it. I find on those days frozen blueberries work like a charm. Although be prepared for some interesting looking poo! Days when his gums are bothering him he barely seems to eat anything other than apple sauce and yogurt. Poor kidlet!

So that is really all I know about teething! Any moms out there with ideas to share, please let me know!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dear Anonymous

You ask for more pictures so I give you more pictures!! I am taking a stab in the dark and guess it was you Courtney asking?? Here is our last week:

Hunter checking out the Yukon River at Carmacks:

Dad and Hunter playing:

Me and Hunter hanging out on the dock:

Foxy Loxy visiting the playground behind our house:

Little man loves the dishwasher now! And he also loves to be naked!

My tomato plants are already in bloom:

Dad? Do I have a facebook page yet??

Saying hi to my guys!

I have been sewing up a bootie storm this week! Here are a few pairs:

I love the shirt he has on in this picture "duck duck moose":

Super happy boy:

Frozen blueberries are the best for pissy teething babies!

I am not a fan of the overdone Pooh by Disney, but good god, kids are cute with Pooh ears:

I want it mom! I could take a waaaay better picture!

Box Cat:

I am not a cat in the hat.... I am a cat in a box....

Loving the swing:

oooooooooohhhhh I like this!

Happy Family!