Friday, February 27, 2009

So excited!

Tomorrow Matt is driving into Whitehorse to pick up our new quads! He is just going in and back on the same day, but I am too uncomfortable to do that, and it is hard on the boy. So Hunter and I will hang out here going nuts with the anticipation of our new toys.

My oven had a bit of a issue yesterday as well. The glass on the inside of the door shattered. And since the oven was horrible anyways, I took this as my excuse to get a new one. Matt will make a quick stop at The Brick and grab my new flat top stove. Hurray for easy cleaning! I think he panicked a little when I said I ordered a new fridge and dishwasher as well. Only in my dreams though!

Also on the list is pretty new window trim, paint for window trim, and timbits. Matt doubts the timbits will make it back to Faro alive. I will keep my fingers crossed!

So life is good as usual. I just need to make this incredible amount of snow disappear overnight so I can take my quad out this weekend. Send all thoughts of warmth my way please!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hunter has another cousin!!

My brother, his wife, and their son just welcomed another little boy into the world this morning!

Congratulations Travis, Corrienne and Damon!

My new nephew Kyler Edward. Born three weeks early!

**and for the record, I am wicked jealous that she had him three weeks early and with a super short labour.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

One Year Satellite Free

We arrived in Faro a year ago with our satellite dish in tow. Prior to moving to the Yukon we were self admitted tv addicts. The tv was on in the morning before work and we watched the news. The tv was on in the evening once we walked through the door and it was on until we went to bed. Of course since we were living in Nunavut and the NWT we always used the excuse, well it is too cold out to do anything else.

I was addicted to reality tv and my husband to mythbusters and future weapons. We would watch 2 hours of tv just waiting for the show we really wanted to come on. Of course our weekends were full of Simpsons and Family Guy re-runs. We only ever had the basic package with the addition of TLC and Discovery, yet we still had more than enough to watch.

After a few failed attempts at getting a signal late last winter and early spring, we decided to leave it until to fall. Summer was on its way and we would be outside and camping. I had also decided that I did not want Hunter watching tv until he was two years old, so no point in me having it either. I knew that if I had tv I would keep it on during the day while Matt was at work.

We went through some serious withdrawl. I am pretty sure we both had the shakes, we were irritable and good god what else do you do on a week day evening?? But we did survive. In the fall we brought it up again, but since we had just gotten through our withdrawl and had survived the process, we decided to keep going.

Now of course, we aren't completely tv free. We have a very nice tv and dvd player. We have watched movies and a few tv series by the season. Watching the shows by the season is a great option! No commercials, no waiting a week for the next episode, and no watching two hours of tv just waiting for it to come on. We have watched 6 Feet Under, Friday Night Lights, Dexter, The Tudors, CSI and Firefly.

My husband is pretty sure that I have replaced my tv addiction with an internet one. Ah well- I am very up-to-date on most northern blogs, the news and facebook! I do watch Lost and Fringe online too. I just wish I could watch Amazing Race somewhere online.

Hunter is now 20 months old and has watched very little tv. On grumpy days or when I have an important phone call to make, I load up youtube and let him watch kitty videos or 4x4 offroad videos. He loves both of those!! Matt and him love watching the 4x4 videos together in the evening. But it is never more than 20 minutes a day.

We have also both found we get a lot more done around the house! My place is usually clean and tidy, I have taken up sewing as a hobby and I get lots of little boy time. Matt is going to the gym everyday, doing repairs around the house and also lots of little boy time. Hunter has turned into a voracious little reader! We read well over 20 books a day with him. Some of his books are in hiding because he becomes so obsessed with them. He is developing a great imagination and plays well on his own.

So for now, we will remain a satellite free family. In a few years we might bring up the subject again. We have decided though that we will get a dvd player for the truck. Since our shortest drive is four hours each way to Whitehorse, the kids deserve a break. I am now on the look out for wildlife dvds and other good stuff in anticipation of getting it set up this summer after Hunter turns two.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Awake and Miserable

I still have seven and a half weeks until my due date. However, I am feeling the same way I did when I only had two to three to go with Hunter. My hips feels as though they are falling apart. It hurts to lay down and sleep, it hurts to sit, it hurts to walk. Joy. There is also this band of pain that runs under my tummy from side to side. Every time I move my legs it hurts. I feel like I am falling apart here!

It also doesn't help that Skeletor is kicking up a storm. How can something that might weight about 4lbs now, kick with such force? My ribs feel bruised.

So yep, I am a big whiner right now. Please send all sympathy and chocolate my way.

On a more positive note... my check up this week went great. I had always worried about becoming pregnant since my weight puts me at such a high risk factor for so many things. As usual though, my blood pressure was fine and Skeletors heartbeat was spiffy. However, I am still losing weight so again ketones present in my urine. Nothing like your body eating itself!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Newest Baby Booties!

Here is a new set of baby booties heading out in the mail tomorrow. I love how these ones came out! They are rabbit and moose and then lined with fleece. Frickin' adorable!

Now only one more order left- the seal mittens! I am giddy to get started!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Faro Moose

Today we had the pleasure of parking about 25 feet away from a moose that has been living in Faro for the last month. There are actually two of them that have been frequenting town and bedding down in yards around Faro. I have seen them four different times- the cutest being last week when Hunter pointed her out.

Today we were driving when I looked over and saw her again. Well pretty sure it is a her- the tummy on her looks like she is going to have a nice calf this spring. She was eating the willows near the store. We stopped and turned off our truck, nothing like being stealthy in a diesel! She was content with the truck off and continued to eat. Hunter was on the right side of the vehicle to have an excellent view. He just sat in his car seat and yelled "moo, moo, moo" while we watched her.

Another great day in Faro.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The best weight loss plan ever!

Just get pregnant!

Well it works for me anyways. I have lost four pounds in the last four weeks. Skeletor is doing a great job of reducing the size of my butt!!

I had lost about seven or so pounds when I first got pregnant, of course due to yakking and just not being hungry. Then I gained back about six, but now down again. When I was pregnant with Hunter I was ten pounds under when I was about to pop him out, so I am right along the same lines this pregnancy.

Only eight weeks (or hopefully less) to go!

Hurry! Only 4 days left to vote!!

Hey everyone!

There are only four days left to vote for a Yukoner to get the Best Job in the World! Head here and give the video the five stars it is worth. Come on, you know that girly scream at the beginning makes it completely worth all of those stars.

Good luck Michael!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My little bear!!

Thank you Daria and Darren for the awesome little bear hat!! He looks so adorable.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I heart seal pelts!

These are the two awesome seal pelts I picked up in Whitehorse last weekend. I already have my first order for a pair of mittens with them. I am hoping to get two big pairs out of each pelt, and perhaps have leftovers to make some kid size ones later.

Freak is absolutely enamoured with them as well. I have to hide them in a rubbermaid otherwise she is making sweet kitty love to them.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The kindness of strangers and the cleanliness of Super A

When Matt and our neighbour went behind the house to hook up to our trailer they had a bit of difficulty. The jack was frozen and could not be moved. At least it was frozen in the up position! So Matt found our little jack and some wood and was able to get the trailer high enough to hook it up to the truck. Matt threw some extra wood into the trailer along with the little jack so we could take the trailer off in Whitehorse.

That evening, of course it is dark, we bring the trailer in behind the hospital where we were allowed to leave it for the weekend. Matt was back there for about 1/2 an hour while I was entertaining the boy in the truck. Matt comes to talk to me and is pretty frustrated. He hadn't brought enough wood to get the trailer hitch high enough to get off of the truck! Right then a guy comes out of the building and comes up to talk to Matt. Seriously, the kindness of strangers always blows me away. His name was Dave and he was working maintenance for the hospital. He was staying in the apartment building there and had a jack stand and some wood that he allowed us to us for the whole weekend. He helped Matt get the trailer off and told us how to get ahold of him if we needed help throughout the weekend.

You know, we are the kind of people who always try to help others out. We don't expect anything in return. Some days you wonder if there is anyone else out there who would do the same. But of course there is. I read about other bloggers encounters with wonderful strangers that helped them out. Dave was our wonderful stranger of the weekend. Of course we had to thank him somehow... So we loaded up a Timmies card and gave it to him! So thank you Dave. We hope you are enjoying your many coffees! We really appreciated your assistance!


I was asked by another blogger about my experience of shopping at Super A Foods. It was excellent! We have been so frustrated shopping at Super Store. The shelves so many times are bare, there is no help to be had, and when there are only 2 cashiers and 50 people trying to check out, it is not much fun at all. Plus, their carts suck.

So this trip we opted to buy our big grocery order at Super A in Porter Creek. I was impressed on so many levels. The fresh produce was wonderful. The selection was pretty decent! I love buying those lettuce mixes in the plastic containers, but at Superstore they always seem to be expiring in two days. The ones at Super A were good for a week. The selection of fresh cut meat was awesome! I bought some great steak and hurray they had side pork to feed my crazy pregnancy side pork addiction. The shelves were fully stocked, neat and had great variety. The bathroom was clean and the cashier was so friendly!! They pack your groceries for you and even help you take them out to your vehicle.

It was more expensive by a bit. However, I thought it was worth it to have a stress free grocery shopping trip where I was able to get almost everything on my list!! They just did not have any mini go yogurts in containers that Hunter loves. But they did have them in tubes, and boy is that ever entertaining to watch the boy suck those back.

So we will be giving Super A our business in the future for sure!

Monday, February 9, 2009

The rest of the trip

What a busy weekend! So of course the highlight was buying our new toys. The lowlight was the insane amount of snow Whitehorse received on Saturday. It made our running around into such a pain in the ass that we didn't get to everything we wanted. Especially beer and pizza with Stacie and Heather. Ah well, we will be back in about 6 weeks to wait for Skeletor.

We lucked out when we went to the furnace place. There just happens to be a tech from the company in Faro today and he will be stopping in to give us our free quote on a new wood/oil combination furnace. I am so excited about it!

We went to coffee with Carole from YukonChatterBug and had a great hour visiting. Hunter fell in love with her very quickly!

We did not make it to the pool at all! On Friday we were going to go in the morning, but Hunter fell asleep in the truck and we thought he could use the nap. Then on Saturday the snow slowed down our shopping, so we did not have time to get there.

I bought more fabric, leather and two seals! I am all set to make more mittens, so let me know if you want a pair.

We did so many other stops, it was just an insane trip. I am happy to be back home putting away my goodies and planning all of my new sewing projects!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Of course, I was able to convince my husband that we must have quads. Did any of you really doubt me??

So this is what we are the proud owners of:

Matt's new quad, but his is green:

My new quad, in the right colour!

Now of course, we also got the following goodies to go with them:
- seat/box attaching combo for my quad
- 2500lb winches
- windscreens
- front bumpers
- back bumpers
- hand warmers
- thumb warmers
- helmets thrown in for free!

Matt has to go back in when he is off in three weeks to pick them up. I am already dreaming about driving mine around. I have missed our quads so badly since we left the Arctic! And Faro is the perfect place to live if you are a quad addict.

The cutest thing was Hunter playing on the little 50cc. quad. He was so sad that we didn't bring that home for him. In a few years we will definitely have to get him one!

***Update for YukonMusher:
Here is the trailer we already own!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Going to the city!

That's right! The bright lights of Whitehorse have been calling our name for the last couple of weeks. We have been putting it off hoping to not head in until the end of March, but good god do we ever have a huge to-do list.

There are actually a few things I am looking forward to this trip!
- two planned trips to the pool
- a visit to the Polaris dealership to hopefully buy two new quads! Matt says we are just looking.... uh huh. Whatever husband, there is a good deal on and I am not going another summer without a quad.
- a visit to another bloggers for pizza and beer! woohooooo!!
- picking up new windows for our house
- buying new leather for my mitten making empire

Now the things I am not looking forward too....
- walmart
- crappy tire
- home hardware (although, the boy loves it here because of the cool shopping carts)
- closing down accounts at one bank
- signing off the final paperwork at our new bank
- visit our financial planner and hand over more money
- grocery shopping- I have decided I am not going to shop at Superstore because the service is shit. So we are going to shop at Super A this time. I like it there! Real service and a clean store! Imagine that!
- and about 20 other stops we have to make.

Now I know my friends from Nunavut would be in heaven to have access to these stores, and I don't mean to complain! But there are somedays I would rather go back to only shopping once a year!! Going in every month or two gets old quickly. Yes, I love having my road, but Whitehorse is busy, not enough people smile or use their turn signals. I am happy in town for about the first 5 hours. After that I feel exhausted!

We are actually staying in for three nights this trip because we have so much running around. So busy times all around! Have a good weekend everyone!

*And if you are a Whitehorsian, please remember to smile and use your turn signals a bit more often!


Hunter and I were sitting at the computer checking our emails when he started saying "moo, moo" and pointing outside. Walking in the open area behind our house was a moose! Yep, I bet some of you thought he was talking about a cow! But this northern boy has yet to even see a cow other than in books! I think this is the same moose I have seen two other times around Faro in the last couple of weeks. Too dark to get a picture, but still light enough to watch it plow through the deep fluffy snow.

I love living in Faro!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

First pair of wrap moccasins.

Today I finished off a wrap moccasin. I still need to make its mate, but I thought I would start with just one in case I farked it up really bad. But, surprisingly, it turned out alright!

The person who asked me to make them had given me an old one to cut up as a pattern, although he had a number of adjustments and do-dads he wanted changed for the new pair. Hurray for that! He came over today to try it on and was impressed. So I will make the other one tomorrow. He actually wants two pairs, but I want him to wear the first pair for a while so I can make sure nothing falls apart. I am also making him two pairs of mittens.

My fingers are aching because I am using home-smoked moose hide that is quite thick. Trying to push the needle through the layers is a killer. Hurray for my thimble and masking tape! I wrap two of my fingers with masking tape for when I pull the sinew tight. If I don't, I end up cutting into my skin.

My husband and his sexy leg modeling the moccasin: