Sunday, June 20, 2010

Camping at Lapie Canyon

This weekend we headed out for our first camping trip of the season. I thought it was going to be a complete bust since it poured rain here most of the day on Friday, but I was in luck! The weather man was totally off his rocker when he predicted a weekend of cloud and rain. We had mostly sun with a few sprinkles. Perfect camping weather!

We headed out to a territorial campground called Lapie Canyon just outside of Ross River which is less than an hour from here. Other than us, there were only two other sites being used in the entire campground. And my blog does it again!! I walked over the get some firewood and a woman at the nearby site asks me if I am the woman from Faro who makes baby-booties that are sold in Whitehorse! Somehow she had seen them and been on our blog before. Such a small world!

The campground is so nice! It is extremely clean and everything looks newly painted. The sites are large with a number of pull through spots. We camped right down near the river and thoroughly enjoyed the hiking trails that take you up to the cliffs overlooking Lapie Canyon. We will definitely camp there again.

We had a number of visitors over the weekend as well. Kennie (a teacher who used to work in Nunavut) from Ross River spent Friday night in her tent with us, Ann and Brian (also teachers in Ross River) biked out to say hi, Rachel (a nurse in Ross River) brought her super cute puppy out for a visit, and then our friend Erica from Faro came out with her parents who are on vacation in the Yukon. So nice to have some company!

The boys played in the dirt, walked on secret paths, squished bugs, got eaten by bugs (probably ate a few bugs too), helped haul wood, fished, threw rocks and just generally had a wonderful time. I cannot wait for a few years once they get into building forts and making their own little fires. Camping is just going to get better every year!

And now for the pictures!

Waking up Saturday morning excited to start the day!


Mr. Photobomb:

Walking the secret paths:

Happy Father's Day!

Now why am I the only one smiling?

Photo op on the hike up to the cliffs:

What dirt mom?

Covered in dirt and bug bites galore!

Happily playing with Erica! I made quite the meal to treat her visiting parents. Caribou and bison roasts cooked in a dutch over over the fire with carrots, potatoes and onion. Oh baby was it ever fantastic!
(ps. This amazing Yukon lady is single and comes with her own axe and truck!)


The pictures just don't show the extent of the dirt. Even their scalps were full of grit and Cavan had a diaper full of dirt.

But mom! Someone might see me naked!

The look on his face here is hilarious! He barely fit in the camper sink.

We found Cavan asleep with his butt in the air and head in the corner when we came in to go to sleep.

Hunter caught his first fish (he reeled it in with a little help from mom)!!
A 15" grayling!

He didn't watch to touch it because it was dirty.

And I couldn't keep Cavan away from it!!

Lapie Canyon:


Kennie said...

Awesome catch Hunter! (and Mom) - bet that was a tasty fishie!

jen said...

Loved all the photos! Looks like you had a great time! I need to get Ezri out camping!

Anonymous said...

Glad that you guys had such a good weekend camping - and love all the great pictures!

Anonymous said...

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