Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Away we go again!

Matt took a holiday day on Friday giving us a four day weekend. Initially we had planned to go up and explore the North Canol road. However, going through my house I realized we were very short on groceries, diapers, cat food and a number of other things. Matt will be on call for the two weekends in a row are this one and then we leave for a two week vacation to see my parents and a week of camping and fishing with them at Francis Lake here in the Yukon.

So the plan has changed! Now we will spend Thursday and Friday going down the South Canol road. We will fish, play in puddles, spend the night somewhere along the way, and enjoy one of our favorite roads in the Yukon. Nothing like spending a Canada Day out in the Yukon wilderness with family!

Saturday and Sunday will be spent in Whitehorse. Matt wants to look around for a smaller quad trailer that we can haul down the back roads and I want to hit some garage sales. There is the usual shopping and I have packed the swimsuits in case we want to visit the pool. And the really exciting part is that I get to go to the movies with a friend and leave my men in the camper! I am so excited! So is Matt because this means he doesn't have to take me to the show (it is the Twilight movie- I know, I am a total geek but whatever! hehehe).

The North Canol will have to wait until August to be explored. At least then it will be hunting season and we can bring the guns and quads with us.

Enjoy your Canada Day and weekend everyone!


Tammy said...

Sounds like fun! I'm going to see the new Twilight movie on Sunday as well, can't wait!!

Taaaaaaaasha said...

i love the south canol highway! so lucky. we passed one other vehicle the entire day driving from ross river to the juction of the highway. but we saw bears, caribou and lots of amazing birds. The north canol highway would be amazing - just don't let your kids wander off with strange dogs. :)

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

hahaha no worries Tasha- I think we will be keeping our kids on a leash when we go up there this fall!!

We have driven that road the last two summers and I don't think I will ever get sick of it.

Tina said...

Awesome! Have a great trip but make sure you're a good girl -- Tuesday is just around the corner! :)

Way Way Up said...

The CANOL Road is something I've always wanted to explore...I'm soo jealous!