Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dear Anonymous

You ask for more pictures so I give you more pictures!! I am taking a stab in the dark and guess it was you Courtney asking?? Here is our last week:

Hunter checking out the Yukon River at Carmacks:

Dad and Hunter playing:

Me and Hunter hanging out on the dock:

Foxy Loxy visiting the playground behind our house:

Little man loves the dishwasher now! And he also loves to be naked!

My tomato plants are already in bloom:

Dad? Do I have a facebook page yet??

Saying hi to my guys!

I have been sewing up a bootie storm this week! Here are a few pairs:

I love the shirt he has on in this picture "duck duck moose":

Super happy boy:

Frozen blueberries are the best for pissy teething babies!

I am not a fan of the overdone Pooh by Disney, but good god, kids are cute with Pooh ears:

I want it mom! I could take a waaaay better picture!

Box Cat:

I am not a cat in the hat.... I am a cat in a box....

Loving the swing:

oooooooooohhhhh I like this!

Happy Family!


Aida said...

golly 8 teeth!! and he is almost 1 right? Ava has 4 teeth when she turned 1.i see his incisors are out too? how did that phase go? it was hell central here.

Indigo said...

So Matt is a St. FX lad.

Everyone I have met who goes/went there loved it. My brother went there and then did his law at Dal but still wears the X ring and refers to himself as an FXer. He said all the island boys (Cape Breton) would load up in someone's beater car on a Friday nite and cross the causeway to be met by someone's mother with care packages, they were that homesick!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures litle man is growing up so fast. Where the heck did the last year go? Love you guys and miss you lots

Lynne, Darryl and oh ok Kids too LOl

in Iqaluit said...

I love LOVE looking at pictures of Hunter! He is so very adorable! Thanks for posting.

Am curious about the teething question Aida asked...

Dylan's mom said...

Kara - I somehow searched upon your site when I was expecting and I searched on "26 weeks pregnant". I started reading your blog. By the time I tripped across your blog your son was already born, however I found your site really interesting. My baby is now 6 months. I check in every now and then to catch up on what you guys are doing. I must admit I think you live a very cool life. And you have a very beautiful family..Hunter is a doll! Have you ever thought of selling your booties online? I'd be interested in how much you would charge.

Alyssa Currie said...

Yay I got a whole post!! I feel so special. actually it was me that acted. I like to see lots of pictures cause then even when I should be doing homework or dont have much time I can still keep up with you guys :D xoxo

Anonymous said...

If you look at a baby from behind, a pinkish pale body and bald head then you understand why there are people who claims that babies from human beings and monkeys are terribly ugly. When we see a puppy or kitten then we say "How cute" but this pinkish bald creature with skinny spider-legs cannot be cute......and naked even uglier