Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's a small world....

after all..... It's a small world after all....

Seriously. It is.

I walk into the visitors centre here in Haines Junction and a woman there working for parks Canada walks up to me and Hunter and says "I know you. Yep, I know you and your son. How do I know you. I know you." Well she placed us after a few minutes of thinking. She had read our blog a few times!! It was Heather from Gone to the Dogs. She is my hero- lives off the grid, outdoor plumbing, and has twin girls. Now, the ooddls of sled dogs I don't know about... :) But she was a riot and I wished it wasn't such a busy weekend here so we could have chatted more.

Watching the bike race get going and this woman walks by. This time it is me going "Hey! I know you!". Well it was the pediatrician that came up to Kugluktuk from time to time.

Nurse here in Haines Junction was from BC and lived just down the road from a close friend of mine (thats you Leanne soon to be Stokes).

Crazy stuff.

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dogsled_stacie said...

That is too funny. The world could have been even smaller if I had seen you! I was there, but so were, like 1500 other people!