Monday, June 30, 2008

Birthday Party Fun!

Hunter and another little girl here in town turned one within four days of each other. So we had a joint birthday party. We were going to all head out to a nice little lake just out of town, but rainy weather kept us here. The day before I baked a whole bunch of cupcakes and had some kids over to decorate them. I took lots of pictures and when I went to show Matt them, I realized the card wasn't in the camera! I was a little bummed since I knew I had some really neat shots of the kids decorating with such focus!

We had a few families over to the house and just let the kids play and then eat hotdogs, and finally birthday cupcakes. Hunter was in love with his and it was most sugar the kid has ever had! He sure did crash later that afternoon. Of course people did not listen to the no gifts request and the neatest present was from the family of the girl who babysits Hunter a lot. It is a stuffed teddy bear with a multicolour suit on. They wrote a story, typed it up, and drew pictures to go with it as this neat little book for Hunter. So creative!

So adorable!

The neat Happy Birthday candles thanks to Nanny!

The cupcakes decorated by the kids:

Having a lunch date with his girlfriend:

I think my kid was more excited by the flame than anything else! Bet he will be a pyro just like his mom!

Mmmmmm cake!

Josie loved her cake as well!

Oh mama, I am so tired after all that excitement!

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