Sunday, June 8, 2008

Booties for Sale?

If anyone out there is interested in my booties, please email me at:

kara underscore went at hotmail dot com

I am really enjoying making these and if it turned into a little business on the side I would love it. Right now I just make one size that is about a 6-12 month kind of fit. But I have had a few people ask for pairs for older kids, so I am going to measure up a few and try and make a few different sizes.

I make them from a variety of materials. The plain leather ones are from Elk, and the coloured are cowhide. I can use any kind of fabric, but I really love the camo ones! The fur is beaver which is pretty pricey, well any kind of fur is pricey nowadays. And I also have some nice trim that I use too. They have a removable fleece liner. I found it easier to put the fleece liner on the kids foot first and then put the bootie on rather than have it all one piece.

For the size that I make they range in price from $45 a pair to $65 a pair. Bigger ones would of course cost a more due to use of material. But they would be cheap to ship. I think a little express post envelope is about $11 to anywhere in Canada. Now the stores in Whitehorse are going to double my price to sell to tourists! Hurray for rich tourists I guess.

Thanks for asking Dylan's mom! Email anytime and thanks for visiting my site!

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