Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Hunter!

Our little man turned 1 today! What an amazing year. We didn't do anything for his birthday today other than shower him with probably twice the amount of kisses and break out a couple new toys. On the weekend we are doing a wienee roast at a little lake outside of town.

We feel so blessed to have this outgoing, friendly, early rising, kissable little guy in our lives. He has re-charged our batteries and makes us see the world in such a different way.

Now it hasn't been without its ups and downs! More downs from falling out trucks, off beds and sofas than anything else. We are both cut out to be parents and I think we are doing a good job.

So at age 1 our little man can/is/has:
- crawl faster than the speed of sound
- dip his fingers into the toilet
- climb onto the ledge in front of the fire place (and also fall off)
- tell the sound of our truck pulling in the yard
- eat rocks with glee
- travelled in three territories and two provinces
- been on nearly 20 flights
- 8 teeth
- loves yogurt, meat of any kind, peas, water, arrowroots, bananas, pita bread
- thinks he is part cat
- only peed on mom 3 times
- give dad a wet willy
- drive his van full of woman around
- drink from a straw
- draw in any woman with just a quick look
- walk with and bit of help from mom or dad
- get into mischief at a moments notice!

We love him so much. I am sure this next year will be just as entertaining!

With Dad in Haines Junction, Yukon:

Oohhhh so many rocks to eat and so little time!

He finally doesn't mind his car seat! He loves looking out the window.

Kisses from mom along the Alaska Highway:

He has survived his first year with us as parents. The kid deserves an award!

And I guess I should have turned this picture before uploading it! Ah well! Bum in the air. Too cute:

Loving the swing:

Using a straw at a restaurant in Whitehorse:

Peace Out My Fans!


Aida said...

love the pic of you kissing him on the alaska highway and what a funny milestones round up!!

happy birthday Hunter!

Fawn said...

My favourite is the first one of him in the carseat - what a smile! Happy birthday, Hunter! So glad I finally got to meet you!

Tigger said...

Hey! Congrats! Happy Birthday Hunter!

Kennie said...

OMG - What cutie!!!! Happy Birthday Hunter!!