Monday, June 16, 2008

Holiday Update

Hello All!

We are already in Whitehorse after a quick trip to Dawson City. We drove to Carmacks on Friday evening and had a nice night there. Ran into one of the RCMP's wife from Faro and had a good chat. The next morning we drove up to Dawson City. We only stayed the one night. The two days on either side were enough for us to get our fill of tourist-y stuff. We found it to be a very expensive place to visit if you want to take in all of the tours. The one thing we wanted to do wasn't running- a river ride on a small paddle wheeler. We were so bummed!! We walked around town and enjoyed looking at all of the old homes and buildings. Hunter waved to everyone and had his first frozen yogurt.

Last night we drove a bit south down to Moose Creek Campground. Would highly recommend it! It is a government campground and was clean, quiet and had a nice walking trail. If you live in the Yukon you can buy a pass for the government campgrounds for a mere $50 for the whole summer. It is normally $12 a night, so it is a real steal for avid campers like us.

We drove into Whitehorse today and took Hunter to the Canada Games Centre. What a blast!! We went to the public swim and the pool is great. It has a nice shallow area for him to play in; lots of mats and balls; and the best was this little river that pushes you along. Hunter kicked all along the river run. He also liked this little slid that we sent him down. He probably drank enough water to last 4 days if he was a camel.

We then went to check out Riverside Grocery- or I think that is the name. Awesome store! I think it has everything and more. Found some nice cookies for Hunter there. I will go back when we come through Whitehorse next week on our way home.

Just before we went to supper (settled on Vietnamese), I was on the phone talking to woman who lives here in town. She has a great blog and we were going to meet up next week. Well I ended up sounding like a complete dough head on the phone because soon after I started talking (pay phone in a parking lot next to busy road with a car alarm going off as well), a friend that I hadn't seen in 5 years (since my wedding) yells out my name and comes over. I knew she was up here and we were going to get together on Wednesday, but perfect timing she finds us there randomly. Well I completely lose track of whatever I was saying on the phone and probably sounded like the biggest dork in the world.

Now I am vegging on my bed in the camper. Hunter went to sleep about 7 and it is super windy outside. I am going to edit some more work here in a few minutes. Sure is nice finding out your campground has free wireless!


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Only a geek would take a laptop camping. :P (For the record, we would be geeks too if we had free wireles.)

In Iqaluit said...

Yay for free wireless! I checked your blog thinking there wouldn't be an update because you are camping but was pleasantly surprised! It was fun to read your adventure. What a lucky boy Hunter is to have parents like you and Matt!

How is Hunter on the road trips when he is strapped in a car seat? What do you do for entertainment? Or is he just content to look around? And sleep?