Friday, May 30, 2008

Always busy

Bored is definitely not a word I have used lately! Jobs just keep crawling out of the woodwork to find me.

So on top of my study guide reviewing (waiting for the writers to finish up so I can review their work) I have a few other jobs! I had been tutoring the only grade 11 biology student at the school. I helped her get through all of her labs; today we dissected a nice leopard frog. It was a lot of fun and would do this kind of tutoring again in the future! I am also doing all of the marking for that students course and her chemistry course. My name is in the barrel for another tutoring job this summer to do some reading with a young student. And then the principle of the school just asked me if I would take time over the summer to clean out their science classrooms and storage rooms. They have been quite a disaster for the last couple of years I gather. I think I just get keys to the place and have at'er! I know I will enjoy doing that this summer. I love to organize and I love science.

And then I am still making baby booties! I have a bunch for sale at the visitors centre here and have 18 pairs cut out and ready for sewing this weekend. We are going to Whitehorse in a few weeks and a tourist store there is going to sell them.

Playing with the boy is the best part of the day! And that sure does keep me busy. But since he goes down at 7 every night, I always have a few quiet hours to get stuff done.

Of course there is always the never-ending housework (I want to shave our cats so I don't have to deal with their hair!!), watering my outdoor plants, going for walks (soon swimming with the pool opening), going to the library, visiting.... yep, I am never bored!


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

So how much are you selling the booties for?

Trudie said...

Shave the cats! Snort, chortle and LMAO!
We also live with wall to wall carpeting of the cat and dog-variety, but I've never thought of shaving them.
Study guide reviewing sounds like a job I could get into - epecially at the tail-end of a semester!

Aida said...

shave the cats? am i reading that right? dissecting a frog, cool!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Tina- they go between $45 and $65 a pair. But then the store that I sell them to in Whitehorse is doubling that price for the tourists!!

Trudie and Aida- yes, I wish I could shave those cats!!!

Fawn said...

Hey Kara - please let us know when you're headed for WH. It would be fun to actually meet, and I'd love to have a look at the bootie selection and see if we can find something for Jade. :)

BTW, I keep forgetting to tell you that I perused the aisles at the big new Shopper when we were filling out an anti-biotic prescription for Jade a couple of weeks ago - and they have Tweezerman tweezers. :)

North of Nain said...

I am envious of your life...sounds wonderful. Hope our paths cross again some day.

Anonymous said...

More pictures!