Monday, June 9, 2008

A Fun Weekend!

We had such a busy end to last week! First we went to a teacher's end of year bbq. Very entertaining! Saturday I worked in the morning and Matt was on call, so we had a sitter over for Hunter. That afternoon we went down to check out the pool which has just opened. It looks great! For $155 we get a pass to cover any public/family/lane swimming, aquafit, and parent/tot. I think that is a good deal for the whole summer. After that we went to a community bbq and got to know more people in Faro. Sunday morning we participated in Community Planting Day. Volunteers come out to plant all of the flower gardens around Faro. Matt mainly just entertained Hunter while I got to play in the dirt. Sunday afternoon I worked at the school science lab and Matt worked in the yard. He got Hunter's swing set put together- we just have to dig post holes for it and attach the swings. Tonight is going to be our first moms and tots session at the pool!

Damn dirt!

I love the dirt!! You should have seen my feet!

Walking on a path through town:

Hunter checking out the pool.... or maybe the little girl...

People watching at the visitors centre:

Planting the flowers!

I wish I had taken a picture just a bit earlier. Hunter had put a huge clump of dirt in his mouth and he was quickly pulling it all out.


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Love the pictures! It's about time you blogged! :) As soon as I get a moment to upload the pics I will be posting them from the party yesterday.

Way Way Up said...

Looks like a nice little town there.....and everything is so green! A sharp contrast to the eastern arctic.

BunBun said...

Haha little Hunter is a ladies man already? Cute!