Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bum Watch Week 8!

Wooot!!!   I am already eight weeks post reconstructive skin surgery.  Eight weeks feels like a big milestone in my head.  Not much to report from last week.  No real changes other than wounds are healing up well, energy is still coming back, and I am getting antsy to get back into my old routine.

OHHHHH..... and I did blow $1000 on new clothing during online boxing day sales.  I am sure I will send back 2/3rds of it.  I just ordered all different styles and brands of clothing to try on since I have no clue what will look good on me now.  I cannot wait for the boxes of clothing to arrive at the post office!

I did a good blog post yesterday with lot of nice works about resolutions and how far I have come in the last two years.  So just pictures for you today!


Surgery day and today!  190lbs and now 166lbs.  Starting to get a waist!

My lower back is still very swollen.  Bum still lopsided.  Looks to me like my right side is swelling like mad in today's photo.  I was told by my surgeon it will take up to a year for leg swelling to go down.

Still abdominal swelling, but I don't miss that flap!!!

Thighs!  The left thigh made good progress this week.

Right hip wound filling in and looking very healthy.  Causes me zero pain!  Honest!

Bum wound is almost done!!  But the scaring in that area had made the entire area rock hard.  Hoping time and massage will soften the area up.

Seroma hole.  Still leaking and still a larger hole in underneath.  But no sign of infection and confident it will continue to heal!

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