Friday, January 3, 2014

2014: Goals!

I just love doing my list making and goal planning for the next year!!  

How did I do with last year's list?   

  • Well I didn't make it to 170lbs pre reconstructive skin surgery.  A broken ankle and a few stalls from hell only let me hit 190 prior to surgery. 
  • Business growth?  Had to put my hobby/wee business on hold as I focused on my health.  Plus, I was just too busy gardening, playing with my kids, exercising, camping, and then recovering from surgery.  But I did have some excellent sales throughout all of last winter/spring!
  • More gym time?  Lived there.  Was nearly running 5k straight too.  Damn broken ankle screwed me over.
  • Hiking training?  Again, fuck you ankle.
  • More science and math with the boys?  Hell yeah.  It was an awesome year of lighting shit on fire, making messes, and mucking about.
  • Garden production?  More than doubled.  I kicked ass in that department.  Mainly thanks to the poisoning of the local vole population.  Sorry voles.
  • Organize the photos?  Whoops.  Forgot that one.
  • Organize the patterns?  DONE!

So what do I want to do with 2014??

1.  Get my fitness level back.  Before I left for my reconstructive skin surgery, I was awesome.  I was doing the gym 4-5 mornings a week for an hour.   I could plank for 2 minutes.  I could do over 200 crunches!  120 sit ups!  I WAS AWESOME!  Now?  umm....  I get tired walking down the hallway to go pee.  On top of the gym, I was walking the kids to school.  Walking to get them from school.  I was healing from my broken ankle.  I need that level of activity back.  It is going to take months.  So specifically?   I do want to be able to run 5k.  Just to say I did it.  And I want to be back playing squash.  Can't set any dates on those since who knows when I will be healed enough, but it will happen.  Monday I will start back at the gym just walking on the treadmill.  Starting slow!  And I want to be 160lbs on the scale just so I can say I am half the woman I used to be!

2.  More math and science.  Yep.  Again this year.  The boys just love experiments.  We received a number of science kits as Christmas presents.   So many more things we want to light on fire, build, destroy, and grow.  It is going to be a good year.  I told Cavan a while ago to watch out that he might blow away one very windy day.  He replied, "Oh Mum, you are silly.  Gwavity won't wet me fwy away."   I am doing it right.

3.  Hiking training is back on the list.  Chilkoot will be out for this year.  My body needs a solid year to heal from this surgery.  But a friend is coming up in August to hike the Dena Cho Trail between here and Ross River with me.  It is just as long, but not as hard of a hike.  And my hubby can come and rescue me on quad if it is too hard or my body can't take it.

4.  GROW MORE FOOD!  I am addicted to the gardening.  I would like to plant some berry bushes this year and rig up some kind of shelter to help my tomatoes come along since I don't have a real green house yet.  And I want to grow zucchini this year!  Along with that, I am hoping the town passes a bylaw allowing us to have backyard chickens.  Hoping to have fresh eggs!

5.  Spend more time camping.  We camped all spring, summer and fall.  I don't think we have ever had a summer where we have camped that much.  I just want to keep it up!  I even took the kids out on my own a couple of weekends when Matt was on call.  It is getting so much easier as the kids get older.  So more time in the wilderness with my little rugrats!

6.  Sew some new things.  I have a couple of books of nifty little fabric sewing ideas that I want to try.  I don't know where I want to take my hobby/small business at all right now.  It is all on hold while I heal from surgery.  But I do want to try some new projects.  I had to turn away an awful lot of work this fall and winter and I was a little sad to do so!  It was hard to say no, but I am glad I did. 

7.  uggg.... I don't want to add it to the list, but I will.  I WILL deal with that rubbermaid of photos.   I will.  I will.  I will.....   yeah.....

8.  This is a big one for me.  I want to save my money and buy myself a kayak and take lessons.  My ass is finally small enough that this dream can be a real possibility.  Now, to save up the cash.  :)

2014 is going to be awesome!  What are your goals?  Making any changes in your life?  I want to hear all about them!


jozien said...

Kara, my resolution from a different nature. One is, yes Alexander in 2014 i promise to keep your bedroom door open at night, so your room doesn't get freezing cold.
But reading your stuff, another one is to improve on my nude photography,. Just saying, i need models! Are you interested? I say it jokingly but i am serious. It is something i do on the side.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I have loved your paintings, Jozien, but have never seen your photography! I would have to be mighty brave to go for that, but you never know. :)

Anonymous said...

I think I want to be you! Those are such awesome goals. My goal at this point is to regain my sense of adventure and engagement with my life, so that I can get going with the rest of my goals! :)

Matt Johnson said...

2013 was definitely not your year. You've been through a lot of pain, but with the arrival of 2014, it’s a chance to start over. And getting back into your fitness regime is a good to start.

Matt @