Saturday, January 11, 2014

Just Kids And Cats

Just a little photo dump from the last little while of kids and cats.  Both of which are growing.  Fast.

ummmm....   Cavan in December is the same height Hunter was in June.  I think he might be a giant.

Pukes went through the house.  Sad face.

Tweakers is learning to tolerate the kittens, but she still gives a good smack down from time to time.

I love my cuddle time!

Pumpkin Cat made it right out the door when I opened it for a second to check on the kids.  Battleship wasn't so brave.

Lego building/destructing is always in full swing.

Cavan and his buddy on the growing snow hill.  They spend hours and hours out there each week and the temperatures have been way above the normal making it perfect for playing out.

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