Monday, January 27, 2014

Growing Up

It seems that in the last week both of my boys have just grown up so much.

I spend one morning a week watching my friend's two and a half year old son, and it feels like my own boys shouldn't be much older than that.  Yet here they are with Cavan approaching five this spring and Hunter seven this summer.

Hunter lost his seventh tooth this week and Cavan has two that are wiggly.  Didn't those baby teeth just grow in?

The boys used some of the hobo can gathering monies to buy some lego when we were in Whitehorse last week.  Hunter put together a 102 piece set with my assistance needed just once to help click a piece into place.

Cavan plays outside most afternoons with his buddies.  No real supervision needed.  I peek out once in a while to just make sure they are in sight, but then go back to my own thing.

This is such a fun time with them.  They are curious, creative, emotional, irritating, and hell bent on figuring out ways to make me bend the rules.  I love their curiosity; they were excited this week to see the heart from the chicken we were going to cook up for supper and we dissected it together.  Their creativity is fun to sit back and watch or just listen to.  Hunter this week told Cavan that dinosaurs were extinct.  According to Hunter it is when they all die, but not from pooping and peeing too much.  And the robots and castles they build out of lego?  Way better than the wall I could build at their age.

Hunter is starting to be a bit more conniving.   Early this evening I sent them downstairs to bring up a load of wood.  Cavan yelled from the garage that the wood bin was almost empty.  So I called back that we would head outside so we could fill it up.  Then I hear Hunter say to Cavan, "Cavan!!  Tell her you were just joking!"   So I had a good long talk with Hunter about getting his brother into trouble and about lying.  As punishment he got to haul extra wood!  HA!

While they are beating each other up nearly ever waking minute, I am seeing a different side of them too.  They were eating together at the table this weekend and Cavan was lamenting to Hunter that his friends call him little and say he is a baby.  Hunter told him to bring those kids here so he could give them a "punch in the butt they would never forget."   I just let the conversation keep going, sitting quietly on the sofa just listening.  Cavan told Hunter that punching probably wouldn't work and Hunter then decided he would just have a stern talking to these friends. 

They entertain me daily and drive me insane daily.  I am glad I have them around.

Four little monkey playing in the snow!  Picnic table jumping was the game of choice from what I could see.

My lego builder!

Hard at work putting together new lego kits.

Mom gets roped into helping this little rat.

Chicken hear dissection!

Dad's turn.

Dimple and Toothless showing off their Ninja Turtle cross-stitch gift from their awesome friend, Erica.

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