Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bum Watch: Week 12!

So my goal of being back playing squash for Feburary 1st has been completely given up.  This body is just slow to heal!  But healing is happening and I have pushed my squash goal back a couple of months.  My new goal is a squash game on April 1st!

This last week was a doozey for me.  We went to Whitehorse for an overnight trip from Thursday to Friday and I think we stopped at every single store in town.  It was exhausting.  I also caught a wicked stomach bug that had me sitting on the throne all weekend.  The only bonus to that is that my weight dropped down to 167lbs and it had been hanging around 173lbs!  HA!  Nothing like the stomach bug diet.  Then, finally feeling better, I went for a 2km walk on Monday night and gave myself a huge blister on my big toe.  So not the best of weeks!

I got a new compression wrap for my core.  More of a corset/girdle type item and it took a team of trained monkeys (aka: Matthew and me) to get me into it.  It is pretty comfy (well, if you don't want to breathe that is) and I think it will help continue to keep the swelling down.

Yesterday and today I am feeling all squirrely and have been busy!  Sewing machine is running.  Projects are on the go.  House is being cleaned.  Laundry done.  Delicious homemade food being cooked.  Mentally, I feel awesome.  I have really had my ups and downs throughout this process and I am sure that will continue to happen.  But right now?  I feel fantastic all around.

Plans for the upcoming week?  Work on a huge sewing project I have been procrastinating from doing.  More walking and maybe start with some light arm weights or stretchy bands.  Continue with getting over 100g of protein during the day and getting in a couple of liters of water every day.  Nice, simple plans.



Okay, not naked here.  But this is my daily get-up under my clothing.  Compression suit, bra, compression wrap, and then undies.  I feel and look hilarious!  And I have months of this still ahead of me.
My thighs look bigger now, but my core is smaller and becoming more defined each week.

Again, you can really see the swelling in my thighs here.  But I am liking the bum change!  The surgeon has told me that it takes at least a year to see the swelling leave from the legs.
Notice the big difference in core swelling from the last 8 weeks!  Still pubic swelling happening and lower abdomen in the evenings.

HEALED!!  Just scars and a lot of dry skin now.  Hurray for a healed ass.  The scarring here is bad though.  It is rock hard and the area gets sore when I sit for long periods of time. 

Right hip (on the left) is about a third of the size it was and is healing very well.  Left hip (on the right) no longer leaks and the cavity is filling up so well that we are no long going to probe it each day with a q-tip to keep the hole open. We are going to let it close over and hope that it continues to heal inside as well.

The persistent left leg wound is making progress this week!

And my right leg is stellar!  Scar is getting lighter each week, but the scaring around my knee is very hard.  I hope with time and a lot of treatment (just pricey lotion right now) that it will get better.


Sarah N said...

Bahaha if you and Matt are into S and M, you could totally hold onto that bodysuit!

Nancy said...

I love your underclothing ensemble in the first photo! You know, if you ever go back to LA, I am pretty sure you could walk down the street there and not attract any attention.