Monday, January 20, 2014

Science and Math Fun

The boys received a number of science type gifts for Christmas and we have been working our way through them with glee!

Hunter and I built a robotic hand!

Testing its capabilities and limits.

Just right for getting a kitten tail!

You can even write with it!

Cavan is building a robot from paper, copious amounts of glue, and about 16 meters of scotch tape.  Shh... please don't tell him his robot went into the garbage today!

Cavan and I built Cosmic Jet Racers!

Pumpkin is coerced into learning about the physics of balloon powered cars.  He looks less than impressed.

Happy his car goes fast, but pissed off that it doesn't fly through the air like he thought it should.

We grew popcorn rocks!

Popcorn rocks:  not for consumption.  A little lick is okay though.

Cavan's rock.

Hunter's rock.

Math boy decided he wanted to measure our coffee table with lego.  Our coffee table is exactly 104 square bricks long.

Model dino building mainly courtesy of Dad.  Boys sorted pieces while dad built.  I took one look at the promise of "Build a dino in 5 simple steps" instructs and then at the 49 pieces and then declared it to be a dad project!  HA!

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