Friday, January 10, 2014

Shopping Under The Influence

Boxing day saw a wee bit of splurging in this household.  Boxes are now arriving in the mail, mainly filled with new clothing for me.

I had some money saved up to buy some new clothing and my Dad gave me a nice chunk of cash to go towards a new wardrobe (thanks Daddy!). 

But learning a lesson.  One should not shop online, at night, while under the influence of some hefty pain killers.

My box from MEC?  Well I guess I liked one shirt so much that I ordered four of them.  All in the same lovely teal colour.  Whoops!  I have sold two to friends and just one more to go.

Then my Old Navy order came in.  I had ordered a new shirt for each of the boys, just different colours.  Thought I had ordered the same size for each shirt as a 6/7.  Nope.  One is a boys 6/7.  The other is a boys 14/16.  Fits me lovely though!  HA!

Every single item in the MEC order fit me.  And fit me well.  Sending back a few Old Navy items just because for the first time in my life I can be picky.  When you weigh over 300lbs, if it fits, you buy four of it.  It is a weird feeling to have choice in my clothing.  I have zero style.  And I don't even know how I want to dress.  For the most part, I just ordered basic shirts and pants, but splurged and got better quality than the usual Walmart clothing I have been wearing forever.

I am waiting on boxes from two other companies.  Both of which I did orders at night while on pain killers.  I wonder what entertainment those boxes might have in store for me?

Yep.  Loved the shirt so much I got four.  :)
I also ordered three new appliances from Sears for our kitchen.....  Hope I didn't screw up that order!


Nita said...

Oh, that is so funny!

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