Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bum Watch: Week 11

Not much new again this week.  Still just healing up slowly, but surely.   My core swelling continues to just move down my body.  I am even seeing less swelling in my lower abdomen finally, but I still have a lot pubic swelling and my legs feel like tree trunks.

After a concerned email from a regular reader of the blog letting us know that it looked like I may be having circulation issues, we talked to my surgeon and it looks like I may have been doing my compression wrap too tight.  The reader wrote and had said my lower body was looking a little blue as compared to my upper half.  I took the wrap off for a couple of days, but the swelling then started up again around my core.  So back on it went, but loosened off a few inches and that seemed to make all the difference.  Hurray for awesome readers!  

We are still treating all my wounds with antibiotic ointment and gauze.  The only one not showing much for signs of improvement is the one on my inner thigh.  It is frustrating!  Especially when I have had giant holes that have healed in that same amount of time.  We have talked to a couple different doctors that have come to Faro and also to my surgeon, but no real ideas as to how to help it along.  Hopefully just more time does the trick.

My weight has been sitting at 170lbs with very little change.  Pre surgery I was 190lbs and then after the surgery when I could barely eat or drink I was down right to 163lbs.  I am happy being at 170 right now.  Once I am healed and can start more intense exercise, I am aiming to get to 160 since that would be exactly half of my original size.

Exercise has just been walking, but this compression suit has been giving me some grief causing some chaffing in some tender lady bit areas.  I cannot wait to burn these suits one day when I am finally done with them.

Lots of photos to share again this week!


I cannot wait until I can just wear a bra and underwear under my clothes instead of the compression suit and wrap.  I love that all my body lift scars are covered by the underwear!

I have no bum.  None.  I went from giant shelf butt to this.  Still hoping for some lower back and upper thigh swelling to leave so it looks like I have more of a bum.

Pre-surgery bum and new bum.    Way better!

I have a flat tummy.  I still cannot believe I have a flat tummy.

Left thigh pre-surgery and now 11 weeks.  Last thigh wound left to heal up!  It is quite small at least.

Right thigh looks awesome!

The core swelling is really down this week!  But pubic swelling is still there.

I know I say it every week, but I sure do like my new shape!!
Left hip wound (cavity in behind that hole) is still improving!

About half the size and depth it was when it opened up!

Now just a scab!!  I thought I would have a giant hole here forever.  So glad this wound is done!

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