Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Hill Adventures

The town has been piling snow from nearby streets just down the road from our house. The boys are completely enamored with the gigantic pile and we play on it at least once a day. What these photos don't show is how big this pile is; it is at least twenty feet high!

Hunter took a good fall down it the other day and I was sure there was going to be blood, but nope! He stood up, said wow and climbed back to the top. Cavan is brave as can be and climbs right to the top all on his own. He has to do everything the big brother does.

Matt making sure Cavan doesn't fall down the backside of the hill:

Rosy cheeked future mountain climber:

The boys and I getting ready to slide down:

Hunter proclaiming he is the King of the Castle and Cavan is behind plotting on how to over throw the King:

Pulling home some tired boys:

Snow hill incident from the weekend- Daddy threw a hunk of snow (pretty much an ice ball) and Hunter turned at the last minute and it got him right in the eye! Poor kid swelled right up, bruised and had a blood shot eye for two days. Boys are trouble, no matter the age.


Janet said...

Kara let me know if there's anyone coming into Whitehorse in the next few days and I'll send you some tumeric.

Courtney W said...

Kara, its a good thing Matt is a medic with those boys of yours. you would spend way to much time waiting in the Dr's