Saturday, February 5, 2011


Last night it started with the sore throat and then this morning I have that, a cough, and a general feeling of blah. Hunter seems to have the same thing, although he has found some stored energy to use and is running around the house terrorizing his little brother. Me? I cannot even get out of my rocking chair. I used up all my energy to get out of my pj's and make myself some breakfast.

Days like this make me so thankful for my husband! I think he is in our room folding laundry right now (my most hated of household tasks) and playing with the kids. He is fine with me sitting here and sending the kids to him with requests, books and boo-boos that need to be kissed. I am so glad I am sick on a Saturday when he is home instead of a week day where I would have to suck it up (read: whine like a three-year old) for the day.

I am glad I took the time to clean the house yesterday so I really have nothing to do today. I am going to have to get out of this chair sooner or later. I have finished the pair of mittens I was working on and need to cut out another project to work on while I am veggin' in the chair. My hands still need to be busy!


Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

I have the same bug! Not much fun. Today is day four and I feel almost human!

Hope you recover quickly!

Kennie said...

Just wait for the rebound ... I think it's the same bug I have .. started in my head, went to my chest, headed to my throat and is now back in my head .... so not enjoying cold season this year.