Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sewing With Wolf And More

I spent the weekend sewing since I didn't feel up to doing much else. This cold is a wicked one!

A wolf arrived in the mail this week and I finally got to sew with it. It was really cheap and the quality is definitely not there! However, the legs were very nice and I had an idea to use them on a pair of mukluks. I am pretty happy with the result, but of course see ways of improving them the next time around.

Canvas top mukluks, smoked elk hide, and wolf fur.
Just need some ties and they will be ready to sell.

I also tried a pair of mittens with them, but am not happy with the result at all. The fur is really sparse and not fluffy.

The thumb on the one on the left is really sparse. I will sell these cheap to anyone interested. They fit my hand at 5.5".

I made a few other projects over the weekend too. A friend has gotten me hooked up to have a craft table at Rendezvous in Whitehorse at the end of the month so I am sewing up a storm so I can have a full table at the event.

Another hat! This one would fit 12-24 months.

I love how these turned out. Black seal, red leather, and black rabbit trim. I even put a bit of fringe on the side for something different.

Beaver gauntlet mittens with black rabbit trim and moose hide.


Anonymous said...

Kara I love the Red Mitts they are awesome, great job!


The Reid Family said...

Wow! Love the stuff you are making. Such talent. :)

Anonymous said...

Where you get your seal fur and wolf fur? AM looking for dyed seal fur.

Don't want to spend a fortune on it. Appreciate your advice

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Hi Anon- I am buying the wolf fur from hunters here in the Yukon and then sending it out to be tanned.

The seal fur I buy from Bill Worb Furs out of Winnipeg. He has a website and I am very happy with everything I have purchased there!