Sunday, February 13, 2011


I found enough time at the end of the week to put together an adult version of the hat that I posted about earlier this week. It turned out great! I used the same leather and quilted lining as the small one, but this time I used a sheared seal for the fur. It is unbelievably soft to the touch. I am so impressed with how easy this hat was to make. A bit time consuming since I did everything but the lining by hand, but the result was worth it. I will definitely make more of these.

I have never thought of myself as a creative person, but I think just needed to find the right outlet. My head is full of ideas of new project ideas, but my lack of time and skills are keeping me from them. I am sure I will get to them in time!

Me modeling the newest addition to my winter collection:


YukonJen said...

I would buy one if you made it! I have a friend it would be perfect for. AND myself of course. I happen to be looking for a good hat to keep my ears warm.

Let me know if you make any more.


Morena said...

Love it!