Saturday, January 29, 2011

Handsome Models and Heaps of Orders

Hunter and Cavan usually aren't the most willing of models. Yesterday I bribed them with letting them stand on the table to model this hoodie and they were both game. The hoodies seem to be a hot item! This one sold just a few minutes after I posted a picture of it on facebook and requests for two more just like it came in soon after. This week I need make five hoodies in a variety of sizes and colours.

Also this week I need to fill an order for a pair of baby booties all in rabbit fur. Then I will be waiting for a wolf to arrive in the mail to fill an order for wolf mitts! I am pretty excited about those. I have yet to sew with wolf and it should be interesting to see if they turn out as fluffy as the lynx mittens did.

This week I received a book I had ordered quite a few weeks ago titled, "How to Sew Leather, Suede and Fur" and after just a quick look through it I am already eager to try some new techniques. My ideas are always well past my abilities, but I am learning bit by bit mainly through trial and error. I have to say that the fur Trapper's Hats, after hat number four, are looking very finished. I had a number of suggestions from a friend on how to make it look better and they all worked (thanks Jilly!). The lynx hat has already sold and is on its way to Ontario and I am just waiting to hear back from someone else about a beaver hat.

So another busy week ahead for me and my sewing room!

Crazy grin:

I love how these look from the back:

Hunter was in love with it and was asking if he could keep it.
Don't worry- he has not been neglected- he has a lovely grey one already!


Lesley said...

your sewing is amazing!!! I'm not surprised you have so many orders!

Kane Augustus said...

Wow! You have a lot of creative ability. Your work is quite beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Great work Kara, your very talented!
The mukluks are they what they were out side in the winter?