Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sick in Whitehorse

Sick is an understatement. This is the worst I have ever seen my boys. Ever.

When we arrived in Whitehorse on Monday they were both barking like little seals. The cough didn't seem to interfer with their energy levels at all. But then by Monday evening they were taking a turn for the worse. Both kids had fevers, but slept well. Tuesday we tried to have a fun playdate, but after an hour both started to melt down. So back to the hotel for drugs and sleep. We are able to keep the fevers at bay by alternating Tylenol and Advil every three hours.

Tuesday night I left the kids at the hotel with Matt and I went out on a supper date with a friend for sushi. I was awake most of the night with a horrible belly ache and then starting throwing up Wednesday morning. Hunter was so lethargic he refused to even get out of bed and wouldn't eat anything. Cavan however seemed on the mend and was hell-bent on terrorizing Hunter and I. Trying puking into a toilet and having a two year old climbing up on your back at the same time yelling, "Giddy-up Mama!" It was not fun. Thankfully I have an amazing friend who took Cavan for the entire afternoon on Wednesday so Hunter and I could sleep. Thank you Tammy! I owe you big time. I feel fine today after puking all day yesterday.

Then to boot- Matt started to feel ill yesterday after eating a sandwich from Superstore for lunch. He spent the evening yakking and then felt 100%.

By Wednesday night though, Cavan was going downhill again. The fever was back and he refused to eat anything. Both boys coughed all night. Their seal barks have turned into nasty phlemy coughs and their noses are running like open faucets. Both kids said they were hungry this morning- no wonder since they really didn't eat anything yesterday- so we went down to the hotel restaurant for pancakes. The boys wolfed them down, and then Cavan got out of his chair, stood on the floor and proceeded to puke out phlemy pancake everywhere. I nearly cried. Our waitress was amazing and received a huge tip from me for being so kind and helpful. Back up to our hotel room we went and the boys put themselves right to sleep. Hunter even asked me to turn off the cartoons so he could sleep.

All of our wonderful plans for this trip, swimming at the pool, coffee dates, playdates, shopping, have all been cancelled. If it wasn't for my craft show on Friday and Saturday I would have packed the kids up and headed for home telling Matt to thumb a ride back to Faro when his course was done. Ah well, at least in a hotel you have someone else to wash the sheets when your kids yak all over them!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that sucks big time!!!! Having sick kids is hard, having sick kids when you yourself is harder, and have sick kids and sick yourself when staying in a hotel is...well, the shits!!! I sure hope you do super-fantastic at your sale this weekend to make up for this week!

Tina said...

Oh that so sucks. I agree, I hope you clean house at the craft sale this weekend!

Anonymous said...

OH NO!! That's horrible :( I hope you guys get better soon, especially since you have the craft sale!

Kane Augustus said...


One recommendation: Vitamin D. It's what we've been giving our kids for a while. Since supplementing their Vitamin D intake (let's face the facts: we don't get anywhere near enough D from the sun here in the Yukon; we're too far above the 35th parallel), they get sick roughly once, maybe twice a year.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope they feel better soon. Having sick kids breaks my heart. I'm sure you don't feel any differently.

Cheers! And thanks for stopping by St. Cynic, too!


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Thanks for the idea, Kane. I think we will start with that. We have noticed a big difference this year as compared to last with how sick they have been. Last year we just went from cold to cold with a few days inbetween. But this year with having the boys that much bigger and easier to take outside, we haven't been hit nearly as hard.

Karyn said...

Oh no! I hope all of you get better soon. Your story made me recall the time when we were at a hotel and I was barfing down my front while my baby was barfing down my back. My husband took one look, and bravely threw us both in the shower (as opposed to running in fear). Being sick in a hotel stinks.

I hope that you sell all of your wonderful creations to make up for a yucky trip!

Teresa said...

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