Friday, October 15, 2010

Playgroup Fun

The boys and I head down to the recreation centre in town twice a week for playgroup. There are usually around 10 kids, but we can have as many as 15. The kids get free, unstructured play in a huge gym with heaps of toys. They love it!! On playgroup days I try not to say it out-loud because otherwise they stand at the top of the stairs screaming to leave the house.

I love this time too. Having a chance to visit with other parents is a nice break from the daily routine. And the best part? The kids usually come home so pooped from that hour and a half that they both crash at nap time.

Hunter is in love with this wagon and pulls all the kids around... until he takes to crashing them and I have to take the wagon away!!

Wild-man rocking!

Playing bumper cars with his younger brother!

He has mastered riding a bike with training wheels!

Rub a dub dub- two monkeys in a tub!

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