Friday, October 1, 2010

My Butcher Shop!

My freezer is looking pretty darn full after two days of butchering moose! Matt had perfect timing shooting his moose. We had a full week of cool temperatures for the moose to hang, and then my mother arrived for a visit. Having my mother here to help me butcher is fantastic! Every year she butchers a number of moose, elk and deer of her own and for other family members. She is a pro!!

Over the last two days we have added to our freezer:
  • over 80 packages of ground meat
  • over 50 packages of steak/cutlets
  • 22 large roasts
  • 5 packages of tenderloin
  • 50lbs of my mothers homemade sausage recipe
  • 25lbs of Italian sausage
  • 25lbs of maple breakfast sausage
  • 25lbs of hamburger patties
Today we are going to pressure can about 24 jars of moose that I use in soups and stews over the winter. Then next week Matt and I will break out the smoker to make some delicious moose jerky with about 30lbs of nice pieces of meat I set aside.

Mmmmmm MOOSE!!

Near the end of day 1, I did a nasty slice to my pointer finger. Matt took me down to the Health Centre for stitches, but thankfully I got away with just having it glued together and a tetanus shot which hurt more than the cut!!

Wrapping, wrapping and more wrapping!

My little helper labeling packages for me:

My mom making burger patties:

Hunter learning the fine art of sausage making:

Cavan the Curious inspects the sausage making process:

Yum! I am thankful for a freezer full of meaty goodness!


Megan said...


Anonymous said...

I totally know whose freezer I'll be highjacking this winter :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, your freezer must be stuffed! I have only done 1/2 an elk, and I thought that was tons of work, so I can only imagine a whole moose!!!!!

Jeffery said...

Looks great! Nice work!

Anonymous said...

I miss moose meat *sob*. My dad goes out every year and I used to head up to spend time at the cottage. I miss autumn in Canada. Oh hell... I miss Canada!

Aida said...

so awesome!!