Monday, October 4, 2010

The Bed

We bought Hunter the most amazing bed this summer from JYSK in Grande Prairie. So glad it was on sale, because the full price tag way too much. It was a royal pain the ass to assemble, but worth the final product. We wanted a bunk bed, but not a ladder one. This one has stairs that double as drawers and a high side on it that has so far prevented Hunter from rolling out. This is a piece of furniture that will work for him for a long time and I am sure in another couple of years we will buy Cavan the same thing.

And it provides a safe spot for Cavan to hide when his big brother chases him with the vacuum!

Picture of the bed from the website:


Trish said...

Does look like it would be a pain to assemble, how many spare parts did you have at the end? Thanks for posting it though, is an awesome space creator

Johanna said...

What an awesome looking bed! Wow- I want one for myself!

Megan said...

That looks like an excellent setup.