Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mukluk Madness!!

Success! Finally!

After a few failed attempts, I have come up with my first fantastic (well I think so anyways) looking mukluk. I just need to cut ankle ties for it tomorrow and finish the other one. This one is a size 10 mens.

Since I didn't dare cut another chunk out of my smoked hide, I made these out of a polished cow hide. I have a rubber waffle sole that I am going to try gluing to the bottom so that they can be worn outdoors. When I make a pair out of the smoked elk, I won't have to add that to that.

Now that I have figured out one size, next comes the fun part of figuring out how to make other sizes!


Yukongirl said...

These look great, Kara!

Good luck on the next size :-)

Trish said...

They're fabulous, you are so talented!

Jackie said...

Nicely Done!