Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bedtime Buddies

You met the entourage a few months ago. Since that time, one more rather large puppy has been added to that mix. The kid has a thing with stuffed puppies!

He is scared of the dark and has been sleeping with a lamp on at all times. This provided me with the perfect opportunity to sneak in and take a picture of him and the entourage at night. There is barely any room for the kid in his little bed! In the picture below you can see Pup 1 (top left), Pup 3 (beside head), Polar Bear (bottom right) and new addition, Pup 4 (light brown under Pup 1). Under the covers are Pup 2, Earl the Squirrel and four dinky cars. Also part of the night crew are the two required pillows and the cardboard gate. And of course we cannot forget Ah-Nigh the blanket.

Please everyone (GRANDPARENTS INCLUDED!) do not give us any more stuffed animals or the boy will not have any place to sleep!


Tina said...

How cute! Joe sleeps with his "sookie" (his blanket) and normally at least 2-3 dinkies (all named Kitt of course), and a new stuffed Beanie Baby he got for Christmas. Pictures of her to be on the blog soon. :)

Ann said...

He's just too cute.

Tigger said...

What a cutie! Peekaboo is having the same problem these days, lining up all her 'special stuffies' across the top of her bed. I keep telling her there won't be any room for her soon-she doesn't seem to mind!

Darlene said...

At least he stays in his bed! What a cutie patootie.

Morena said...

That's really cite! and I love the cardboard hehe!

yvy said... too??? lol arianna has a cot loaded with bears!! in almost every shape, size and color! it was only recently that she allowed me to move 1 bear, 1 bunny and 1 giraffe out n unto her side table. :P