Friday, January 15, 2010

The Elusive Poo-Snake

We are trying hard to have Hunter diaper free as soon as possible, but oh it is a frustrating endeavor. Today I saw some real progress with five pees in the potty.

I let him run around mostly naked all day and ask him every few minutes if he has to pee/poo. It works! For the most part he yells at me, "NO PEE MOM!". But those five successful times, when I asked he booked it over to the potty, asked for me to read a story, and ta-da here comes the pee. He always says to me when he is done, "Look Mom, I peed in the potty for you!" Awww, what a good kid. We are giving him a Smartie for each successful use of the potty.

But then there is the Poo-Snake... Last month Hunter took a HUGE crap on his potty. He stood up, looked in, and loudly proclaimed, "Look Mom, a snake!" I then called it a Poo-Snake and the name has stuck. Ever since Hunter has said he is afraid to poo on the potty because of the Poo-Snake!! He was even afraid to go to the bathroom with me in SuperStore because he said there was a Poo-Snake in there. What a crazy kid!

We will keep at it and hopefully in a couple of months we will be done with diapers for him. I will definitely remember his encounter with the Poo-Snake so I can embarrass him with it when he grows up.


Anonymous said...

Save it for his wedding... You would, wouldn't you!

dogsled_stacie said...

Just don't tell him the poo snake is INSIDE HIM!! RIGHT NOW!!!!!

I was hoping for there not to be pictures in the post, thank goodness! :)

Morena said...

Yup, I agree. That's for the wedding when everyone has to tell a funny story about his childhood. It would be too funny, but maybe a little too embarassing too.