Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nine Months

Cavan hit nine months today and I am astonished at how different he and Hunter are.

At nine months Hunter was no where near crawling, but was eating everything in sight. Cavan is crawling, but just mainly eats pureed foods. Any food with a hint of a chunk causes him to gag and yak. He has started on feeding himself cheerios and the gagging is diminishing each day.

At this age Hunter had a couple two hour naps a day, while Cavan prefers a few fifteen minute cat naps a day.

Cavan follows his brother around the house continually trying to imitate his hero. He loves to play Godzilla with the train table and pull fur off the cats.

We are lucky to have two boys that are so joyful and pleasant.

Cheerful Cavan at Nine Months

He is growing! About 23lbs and outgrowing his 12month Carhartts.

Here is Hunter at nine months. He was under 20lbs and still had room to grow in the same pair of Carhartts.


Anonymous said...

I always thought that Hunter looked like both you and Matt, but now seeing those 2 pictures Hunter is all Matt and Caven is all you. You are very lucky lady Kara like myself we have very handsome Miss you guys

Morena said...

He's so adorable! And a big boy huh? O is a year and only weighs 20lbs. Crazy how different kids are huh? That doesn't bode well for a second baby for me since O's been so easy. I'm sure I'll be paid pack in spades.

Aida said...

wow, he is big! Ben is 2 and is only 23 lbs! they look soo different though :)

9 months should be walking soon, then i think i will see a "wish i can sell them to the gypsies" post..LOL