Saturday, January 2, 2010

Outdoor Holiday Fun

We had a bit of warm weather while we were down visiting my family. Even with sick kids, we still managed to get outside pretty much everyday to get some fresh air.

Cousins enjoying outside time:
Hunter playing with Keta, my parents outside dog:
Hunter riding in front of my dad. I took him up and down the driveway a number of times and he loved it. Made me really miss our skidoos!
My mom came up with a great idea to contain the little boys on the sled!! Sorry it had to be an adult diaper box though! Kyler, who was really sick this day, fell asleep in the box until Matt pulled them into some deep snow to avoid the tube and they both fell out. Not a good way to wake up!
Enjoying the ride:
My dad, brother, sister in law and nephew on the tube while Hunter and I drive. Shortly I will take the corner a bit too fast, the tube will go off the driveway and the four of them will fly through the air and land with a big puff into some deep powder!! Hilarious to me... not so much to them!!
Dad just a wee bit frosty!
Hubby! He took a spectacular fall off the tube, but I missed capturing it on video.
Dad after a few good runs:
Evil brother:
Sexy sister in law:
Why did I get on the tube with Travis driving???
And here is Corrienne practicing the scrotum shriveling death glare on my brother after a rather wild ride on the tube with him driving! The tube went off the driveway with her and I on it. I fell into the centre of the tube, she fell off the front and then the tube went over-top of her!! She was hurting pretty bad after this run.

Here is a clip of some tubing. Fairly tame because Hunter and Damon are on there. What you can't see (but you can hear her scream and see some snow fly at the corner) is my sister in law being drug behind on a sled. My dad is driving the skidoo and I am facing backwards to get the video.


Aida said...

that video is friggin' hilarious! great pictures and looks like wayyyy too much work..NOT! LOL

Morena said...

Sooo much fun! I can't wait to get O out when he's older. When I had him out the other day he could barely move with all the gear he had on.

dogsled_stacie said...

That looks like SOOO much fun! I need a giant tube! And some snow... lol