Monday, January 4, 2010

Good Ole Peasant Vision

Two years ago we left the arctic to head south to the land of trees and roads. We left behind our satellite dish, so we bought a new shiny one. We attempted to hook it up, but could not find a signal. Since spring was only a few months away we decided to forgo the dish for a while just to see if we could survive. Well six months later we still hadn't bothered to hook it up and we were all the better for it, so we sold the dish.

Now this isn't to say we were not watching tv, really we just got to avoid the horrible advertising. We purchased movies and tv shows by the season. We reduced out tv viewing from probably 4 hours a day to maybe 6 hours a week. We had our lives back!

We also made the choice to have Hunter watch no tv until he was nearly two years old. And then we allowed about two hours of tv a day, mainly Thomas, Might Machines and the Cars movie.

We broke down a while back and bought a small 13" tv with a dvd player in it to have upstairs for Hunter to watch his movies on. As it has gotten colder and we play less outside, I admit the tv is on a lot more than his two hours a day. I dislike it, but hey, you do what you have to! The good thing about having such a little tv is that we can angle it so the baby isn't watching it. I would like to avoid tv with him for a while yet.

Now for the big break down.... Matt bought an antenna for the downstairs tv a while back in hopes of getting Peasant Vision (CBC) so he could watch some Hockey this year. He still hadn't hooked it up, until last night. I am so sick of listening to those damn naughty trains, Hardhat Harry and Lightening MacQueen. We have a number of other movies for him, but he always goes back to those. I am sure I can recite them by memory now. I begged my husband to bring the antenna upstairs so I could let Hunter watch the kids shows on CBC in the mornings.

So as of 7pm last night, our house had tv. Peasant Vision was here. With shitty commercials and a slightly fuzzy screen. It sure did bring back memories of being a kid myself when all we got was the CBC, and for only one season of the year. My parents turned off the tv for spring, summer and fall.

I am not sure if I will regret this decision or not. Hunter has happily watched the kids shows this morning, but for only a few minutes at a time, then he plays with toys for a bit. Pretty much the same as when I put a movie in for him. And it looks like there are no commercials on during the kids shows! Matt is happy that he will be able to watch the shows he has been missing like Rick Mercer and and Hockey.

I am sure this development will not lead us down the path to a satellite though. We are now addicted to watching our shows when we want and without commercials. I know, I know... we could just get a PVR, but I am going to pretend those don't exist so I am not drawn in again. Although, my husband says we have just replaced our tv addiction with an internet one, but I am not going there!


Anonymous said...

Good for you! You haven't missed much, I'm sure.

Tina said...

I must say, I LOVE our PVR. We watch mostly movies on it, and I record them so we can skip through it. I also record shows every week (House, NCIS, Criminal Minds) and we watch them later in the night and skip through the commercials. Oh, and you're welcome for Cars. I'll have to find others for you. :P

Erica said...

Haha, I have satellite over at the Hotel, but don't plan on getting it when I finally find a place of my own here. Every time I see an e-Harmony commercial during an episode of a show I *do* enjoy, it wrecks things for me.

I used Hunter's DVD-TV while you were gone to watch Criminal Minds - I think a combination machine like that might be all I need ^_^