Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The House of Plague

The kids are tag teaming us! Cavan is over his thrush, but now Hunter has croup. He was awake all night with a barking cough that sounded an awful lot like a seal. Today he was extremely lethargic, not even bothering to get off the sofa when Godzilla (Cavan) attacked the train table. Over the run of the day he only ate two small yogurts and a few cups of milk which made a nasty appearance all over the sofa this evening. After a bath he fell right asleep on the sofa and has since been moved to his bedroom.

I am thinking sleep for us will be near nil tonight, so I am headed to bed now! Yep, 8:30pm and I am off to bed. The exciting life of parents!


Ann said...

That's horrible. Hope they are all feeling better soon.

Love you new picture, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kara, Ayla started to get a bit of the croupy cough when we got back from Edmonton in mid November. I had the humidifier going in her room, and I also rubbed vicks on her feet at night before bed. She had one "bad" night (she was up twice, and yes that's a bad night!!) but that was it!! I did the vicks thing for a few more nights, and had the humidifier going for a few more. After a few days, you couldn't even tell that she had had a cough!! Anyway, I hope Hunter starts feeling better soon!!


Tigger said...

You poor gal! :( I feel for you, it is awful when they are sick, even worse when there are two of them!! The Vicks-on-the-feet thing worked for Ez too, the last time he had a cough....give it a try.
Hope everyone is feeling 100% asap....