Saturday, January 30, 2010

Whitehorse Bound

It's that time again! We are heading to the bright lights of the big city to do some shopping and another dentist appointment for me. I am getting pretty sick of the dentist and I still have a few appointments to go.

Usually we just go for one night and it is always a busy, exhausting trip. This time, since the boys are still a little sick we are going for two days and trying to do some fun family activities. On Sunday we will spend the afternoon at the pool and playroom up at the Canada Games Centre. I love that place!

Yesterday in the newspaper there was an insert that had an article about horse drawn sleigh rides!! I thought that would be a blast so I called and got us a ride on Sunday morning. You can see pictures of some other awesome Yukoners enjoying this experience here.

Matt also gets to enjoy his Christmas present this trip. I bought him tickets to see Ron James live on Sunday night. Matt loves this comedian and they are even from the same hometown back in Cape Breton!! Since the boys are still sick I am going to stay at the hotel with them and a good friend of ours will be joining him for the performance.

So hopefully Sir Barfs-A-Lot (aka Cavan) will not live up to his name today so we can have a good trip in! And sorry I haven't called anyone to go for coffee this trip, but we have just been so sick (and the boys still are) so I just don't want to spread this plague!

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