Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Traveling Thank-Yous

We arrived in Faro this evening and if feels so wonderful to be snuggled in my favorite blanket on my super comfy chair. I want to send out some thank-yous before I hit the hay tonight, mainly to the wonderful strangers we always come across while out and about.

Thank you to:
- 8 year old Hannah who not only read two books to Hunter, she also acted them out while we sat at a kids play spot in the Vancouver Airport.
- 4 year old Alice who ever so patiently tried to get Hunter to play Polly-Pocket with her and then let Hunter play with her toy horse also at the Vancouver Airport.
- All the parents we chatted with at the Airport. You helped us pass our five hour layover quickly and all of your children were so much fun to be around!
- every ticket agent with AirCanada who were so accommodating and were able to get us all seats together
- the gentleman who so gladly moved a few seats up so I could have two seats to myself with the baby. (I think he was extremely happy to have the opportunity to move!!)
- to all of the friendly folks who sat around our boys on the plane. Thank you for smiling, waving, play peekaboo and not getting upset when the baby got a fistful of your hair!!
- to the young woman who picked up Hunters favorite blanket and ran it up to me after we dropped it unnoticed while pretending to drive the stroller like a race car in the Vancouver airport.
- to the gentleman who picked up my bag of flour in the parking lot of SuperAFoods in Whitehorse after it fell of my shopping cart (again, I never even noticed!)
- to the bag boy at the SuperAFoods for packing my groceries so nicely, bringing them out to the truck, and running out with my box of bread that yes... I forgot.
- to all of the friendly people working check-outs at the stores over the holidays. Every single one I chatted with was happy and entertaining (too bad the same cannot be said for other shoppers...)

And a couple of more personal thank-yous:
- to my baby for holding your barf until we got to the hotel instead of unleashing it on the plane
- to Hunter for sleeping on the floor of the Whitehorse airport while we got the luggage and strapped it into the truck
- to my amazing sherpa husband for heaving everything around
- to my folks for awesome holiday and the drive the airport (sorry about bringing the plague to your house for the holidays!)
- to my sister-in-law for being such a riot to be around and putting up with me when tired and miserable
- to my nephews for being so damn cute

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